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Testicular Atrophy Help

I’ve been on test e for 3 weeks now and 12.5 asomasin eod and my left testicile has gone dormant/atrophied and has a mild aching feeling it is noticable smaller than my right and isnt asfull or firm, I have HCG ,Clomid and Nolva on hand what would be the most appropriate course of action?

HCG somewhere around 250iu 3x per week I think, but get other advice.

Why is the atrophy an issue? There are many valid reasons for not wanting atrophy, none of them apply to me, so I was just curious.

Your testicles are starving for LH so there going to ache for awhile, the ache might move to the left side. HCG will bring them back from the dead.

What are your reasons for no HCG?

If I can retain the size and function of them I would prefer so, and I didn’t initially use hcg due to the fact that I have read that you do not want to exceed 4 weeks of continous use or you would become desensitized, I was waiting towards the end of my cycle to use as a bridge going into pct .I prefer not to have soft shriveled testicules that ache should I go ahead and run hcg at 500iu eod until they return to there original state ?

I’m 54, have two kids, and have no vested interest in the size of my balls, so I don;t want to deal with the side effects of HCG, which can be increased E2 and having to fuck around with an AI, which I currently don’t need on my low dose of 150 mg E7D.

This is a highly personal choice. To retain the ability to procreate is valid, to maintain the aesthetics of big balls is also valid. Neither one applies to me, and I don’t want to deal with an AI.

I don’t use hcg either . I just may want it because of LH receptors we may
have throughout our body. I do 100mg a week of only t and need an ai of .5
a week