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Testicular Atrophy and Pregnancy

So, I realize that the answer to this question is highly individual but I was wondering if anyone had any insight on how the likelihood of pregnancy is affected by AAS.

I am current on a light cycle (test mast Eq 1g total without hcg but with periodic clomid. For several months prior I have been on low dose test with hcg until I ran out of the hcg a few months ago. So suffice to say my boys aren’t dangling low as they used to.

Now the reason I ask is I may have had an oopsy in my gf, and it got me thinking of how the decrease in semen volume and potency affects the likelihood pregnancy. I feel if your nuts were shut down hard enough it may be akin to male birth control, but that may be wishful thinking, and I’m sure there are tons of counter examples of pro bb conceiving all the time.

Any thoughts?

well, testosterone has been examined as male birth control, so it does affect fertility…