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I took a pro-hormone for a few weeks and now am supplementing with Alpha Male and M to counter act the testosterone supression. I think the pro-hormone caused my balls to shrink. Has this happened to anyone else? I still have another cycle of the pro-hormone I would like to use, but am a little worried about what this stuff is doing to me. Any suggestions on what to do or if I am just paranoid?


your balls are not going to shrink after two weeks use of a prohormone...

even without Alpha Male and M you'll be back to normal after two to three days...

quit worrying.


How long of usage would it take to cause something like this though? You said 2 weeks isn't enough to do it, but it does slow down your own testosterone production, couldn't that cause the balls to atrophy? I mean I'm pretty sure they've shrunk.

I've heard that some guys balls will shrink on cycle, and then go back to normal after cycle is over, and other guy's balls never go back to normal. It's a natural concearn I would say expecially since I've noticed a difference.


The difference is in your head...sure they may have shrunk one millionth of an inch in the last two weeks...but that's about it...

even if you took 50 mgs of dbol (which is considerably more androgenic than what you are taking) per day for 14 days, your balls would hardly shrink at all...and you would be back to normal within a few days...

people with permanent ball shrinkage go on VERY long cycles of HEAVY AAS...

you're freaking yourself out...take a xanax and relax!


I'd have to agree. Perhaps if the product you were using were spiked with methyltrienolone (not possible), then I could understand, and even then, it would be a stretch.

I honestly think this was a case where psychology played a role. Testicular atrophy, to the point where it's easily noticeable is the result of having LH significantly suppressed for a prolonged period of time. I'd venture a guess that the person had discovered that androgens can potentially cause testicular atrophy and then began to think atrophy had occurred. This is, as opposed to the unlikelihood that the person examined their testicles daily, taking physical measurements prior to, during and after taking androgens, without any previous knowledge of the association, and only after noticing a significant difference, then found out about the association between using androgens and testicular atrophy, is extremely low.