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Testicles Same Size on Cycle

I’m 9 weeks into my cycle and haven’t noticed any changes in testicle size. Is this a good sign? Does that mean my body is still producing test?
My cycle is:
Test E 400mg/w
Dbol 50mg ED weeks 1-4
Tren Ace 50mg ED since week 4
Anavar 100mg ED since week 6
Aromasin 6.25mg ED
Nolva since week 7 due to Gyno flare up 40/30/20/10

So between your other post and this post iv came to the assumption this is your first cycle?

Second. First was test e and dbol. I’ve only heard people talk about them barely having any testicles on cycle which meant test production was gone and I couldn’t find anything about what it means if it’s the same size

It takes 7-12 months for TRT guys to start having issues with being shutdown.
A cycle is only 12 weeks long. That is nothing.


Look at these doses

OP’s second cycle.

Bro im a huge proponent for people running other compounds with test. Some of these guys will tell you run test only for you first gazillion cycles I disagree. But what you have going on here is just way to much for a second cycle bro. But it is what it is your 9 weeks in so your almost done.

This probably explains why on your other post your not getting the results you want. This is a prime example of the more drugs isn’t always better saying. I’m speaking in regards to you previous post BTW.

Anyways before I go on a rant go ahead finish up your cycle and hopefully your happy with everything. I know you said your seeing fat gains while on this cycle which means your diet and training aren’t tight. Regardless of how good you think they are something isn’t right.

First off - it doesn’t take months to shut you down. There have been studies showing ONE injection of deca shuts down your natural production. If you’re using real anabolics you are shut down. Not everyone loses testicle size - that’s governed by many things in addition to LH FSH and T.

I am not against you using multiple compounds but you’re using stupid shit. 350 mg of tren at this point is just stupid. I used to run 50mg eod in my prime. MAYBE more before a show. I hate that the trend for anabolics has become less throw the kitchen sink at our bodies starting out woohoo!!! It’s so stupid. If you can’t fucking grow on 3-500 mg of test your training, diet, or recovery (or all three) are not good. @unreal24278

I agree with @zeek1414 for sure that your diet isn’t quality if you’re putting on fat while using this shit.

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Thanks for the input guys. I read the first few cycles are the most effective so I decided to just go all out. The tren for me has very little sides and I started out with an even lower dose of it to see then bumped it up. People usually run high doses of tren than that so didn’t think it’s be a problem and it’s really not for me. I woke up this morning with a lot less fat on my abs but I’ve always been able to gain and lose fat really easily which was why I was confused that I’ve been unable to lose fat especially while on shredding compounds. My training and diet have always been good and I’ve been extra strict about it on cycle with insane recovery. I barely get sore if at all and I could only get in 3 workouts a week before because of how sore I got from them

Yea people tend to use a lot nowadays. Don’t go looking on the steroid section of Reddit for advice on doses if that’s where you’re getting the idea 350mg tren isn’t a lot, there is a lot of depraved and reckless behaviour on there without thought for consequences.

I actually chose that dose based off a few posts on here and other similar websites. I was seeing a lot of low test high tren cycles(most were upwards of 700mg/w) so I figured less than half of that would be fine. I don’t think I’ll be running tren for a while though. I chose it because my goals were to get a good amount of lean mass without too much bloating and fat gain so that left me with either Deca, npp or tren but I read Deca should be run for a minimum of 12 weeks and both npp and Deca did cause bloating. There’s actually a post on here about test and tren for a second cycle that had people saying not to use it so early but never saying why and other people giving advise and dosages with the lowest tren dose being 50mg ED. Out of curiosity is the side effects of tren the biggest downside and reason people don’t recommend it to users who haven’t done a ton of cycles? I haven’t found many side effects from it myself

Just because you don’t have any visible sides doesn’t mean you aren’t damaging you’re body. I could drink a twelve pack of beer every day and not experience any and/or very little symptoms of inebriation or alcohol poisoning and wake up the next day, feel fine and do the same thing again and again. Doesn’t mean I’m not doing damage internally. (Note I don’t do this, and would never do this unless I had a death wish lol)

High doses of AAS (esp tren) aren’t recommended due to the immense cardiovascular risks associated with such reckless behaviour. Cardiomyopathy is the most serious potential side effect of AAS abuse, I suggest you educate yourself on the cardiac risks of anabolic steroids before you continue cycling.

AAS and recreational drugs/ alcohol are very different, however the concept is the same when it comes to long term internal damage. I’d be willing to bet 700mg tren/wk + copious amounts of test and orals stacked together is just as harmful as 12 drinks a day if both are done for short durations of time.

That being said everyone reacts differently, is 12 drinks a lot? 12 standard drinks is the amount it takes for me to get a bit tipsy so I’m standardizing based on that. (And I’m not a big drinker either, just the way my body metabolised alcohol, tho I think my liver takes a bigger hit the faster the rate I metabolise acetomaldehyde). I typically drink about 1 beer per week, sometimes zero. This week I had 1/2 of one.

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I’m gonna go against the grain and say i dont think there is anything wrong with running tren second cycle if that’s what you want to do and understand all the risk and your diet and training are on point.

But in your case your running way more than just tren second cycle and when you ask questions about your nuts being the same size it shows your clearly not educated enough on hormones and how they affect your body to be running compounds like tren.

Plz don’t take this as an insult it’s just my opinion.

Exactly, this… But I don’t think many people understand the risks prior to pinning. They just think “yeet, this’ll get me hyooge and ripped so I’ll take it”

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I agree with you 100% @unreal24278 and it’s frustrating. There is so much more than just “let me read side effects and pin” people need to really understand the effects these compounds have on your entire body in order to make an informed decision. And even then so many people think thier diet and training is top tier and in reality it’s complete shit. It’s generally the same people who blame their natty short comings on genetics and think that gear is gonna have them bustin Outa t-shirts giving the peoples eyebrow within 12 weeks.

Thanks for the input. I’m not the type to put anything into my body without knowing the risks, benefits, how it works, etc and I did hours of research online about tren before deciding to jump into using it. I’ve stopped the anavar because it didn’t seem to be helping or doing much of anything really. Who knows if it’s actually var or what it is and not knowing what I’m actually taking is worse for me than the risks of tren. I just asked the gonad question because I could only find things about how steroids will make your testes almost non existent and since I’m not sure if my gears bunk or not it seemed like a good question

you don’t need no tren or dbol. why stress your body?

i am growing like a beast with just 250mg a week test and 250mg eq. eat quality food and boom you will be huge in no time.
PCT will be easy and not much damage plus your balls are going to be fine.

i don’t understand why people are doing the dosage as much as used by professional bodybuilders.

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He’s doing dosages more than me and I’m 265. I have pics in other threads lol. It’s nonsense as hell. But I agree there is a massive amount of misinformation out there

You’re 265 years old. Impossible