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Testicles are Killing Me


I was on a 12 week test e cycle ,i took var for the first couple weeks test e 250mgx3 a week and then i was also taking 250 hcg x3 a week. And i was taking adex throughout the cycle also. They started to hurt about the last 2 weeks of my cycle. My last test e pin was 12 days ago. I plan on taking nolva for pct in a couple days. I'm 23 years old,6 ft tall, 200 lbs.


we'll need to amputate...

...don't worry about it, happens sometimes on cycle


Bunk HCG is a real possibility..
But Yogi is likely right.. Maybe it just happens...
I know the last HCG I used was bunk


You're keeping your HCG in the fridge, right?


Yes hcg was in the fridge. I found if i didnt have sex for a couple days it would get better too.


Do you have ball atrophy as well as this would point towards hcg not working? I had it on cycle where I had 3 bottles of HCG and it only happened during the use of one of them, I believe from what I read there are a few things that can render the HCG useless as it is quite a fragile compound.


Yea balls are a lot smaller. Today will be 2 weeks since my last pin, should i start up my pct or wait another week ? I'm just going to take nolva


you need to be gentle with your hCG.

When you reconstitute it, don't squirt the water directly onto the pellet, let it trickle down the inside of the vial. And do NOT shake it.

Did you reconstitute it with bac water?


Yes I did all that and use bac water.


It is my understanding that you don't want to shake it for the simple reason of creating air bubbles.. why would shaking it matter otherswise ?


damages it mate. Air bubbles don't mean a thing


I also read to keep it away from the light in the fridge as it can degrade it too.


You should probably remove the bulb from your fridge.


I just make sure that there is always something opaque between the lunch box with hcg in and the light but ye that would do the trick aswell


Tinfoil the vial ..