Testicles Ache. Looking for Good MN TRT Doc

Long story short, I was changed from Axiron to IM injections in December. On the max dose of Axiron 120 mg / 4 applications, the highest my TT got was 467 ng/dl.

Since starting TRT, my testicles have shrunk and they ache /hurt. Talked to my PCP about HCG and he referred me to a urologist.

I felt the urologist was insensitive and said I should take ibuprofen and sit in warm baths when I have aches / pains. He did a testicular exam and a DRE. Said my prostate was normal size and smooth with no nodules. Ran some labs:

TT trough: 295 ng/dl on Monday
(Then went home and injected 100 mg testosterone cypionate IM)
Went back to lab on Tuesday (Dr. said to have peak drawn the following day) and had more labs:
TT peak: 1149 ng/dl
PSA: 1.02 normal
Prolactin: 15 normal. (He said no pituitary tumor indicated by this lab).
I got a call after the labs were in. Urologist said my TT peak was way too high. Ordered me to decrease to 75 mg per week or 150 mg per 2 weeks. I’m not going to go 2 weeks between dosages. I will do the 75 mg per week and see.
However, I don’t see anything wrong with my TT being that high in the peak. It’s going to decrease over the next week.

Bottom line: Testicles still hurt. One was hurting the other night and I couldn’t get to sleep. I got up and took 400 mg of ibuprofen and .25 mg of Xanax and fell asleep about 30 minutes later.

He said he’s never ordered HCG for anyone. He’s never checked an E2 level on anyone, let alone put them on an aromatase inhibitor. He said he would research it and when he called me back with my lab results, he said, “That stuff is for steroid users and bodybuilders. The medical journals don’t recommend it as part of a TRT protocol.” Once again I asked him if all he could offer me was taking ibuprofen for my aching / hurting testicles and he said, “Yep”.

I will never go see this doctor again or recommend him to anyone. I feel like he mostly blew off my primary complaint and did the basics to make sure my TRT was inline.

I don’t know if I’m making a bigger deal out of these testicular aches / pains but it is annoying. My wife has noticed me making faces in public and has asked, “Are you alright?”, and I just say, “Yeah, it’s my balls”. One time I doubled-over in the kitchen and my step-daughter was like, “What the heck, are you OK?”. I just explained I had some pain in my “man parts”, and she said, “TMI!” like a typical teenager.

Can anyone help me with a recommendation for a well-versed TRT doctor in the Minneapolis area? I’m not ready to give up pursuing a better solution to this side-effect than ibuprofen.

Shrinkage and aches are very normal for injections. I’ve been on TRT for almost 2 years and I still get some aches every now and then. However the shrinkage has pretty much stopped but there is not much left to shrink … HCG should help with both size and aches if it bothers you that much. HCG will also help with fertility if that interests you.

I’m 43. I’m done having kids and I have had a vasectomy. My wife doesn’t even care if my testicles shrink and my scrotum pull up tight to my body.

My only concern is that I want resolution to the pain. At it’s worst it feels like I just got whacked in the nuts with a wooden dowel. It truly hurts that bad. Most of the time, it’s just an ache or feels like a cramp in the testicle.

Anyone who can recommend a good TRT doc in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area would be appreciated.

I’m in MN. I’ve had two bad ones that had no interest in treating me (I was in the 200s for T), one that lost his license and now one that doesn’t do AIs or HCG. Just get it on your own. International pharmacies, or research chem sites for the AI. A lot cheaper for HCG.