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Testicle Failure? High FSH, Atrophy Yet High TT

Hi all,
Have posted here before, post fin sufferer. 23yrs old.

Have been on HCG 1500 IU 3x per week for the past 4-5weeks. Have not responded at all to the HCG; testicles still severely atrophied and pull up tight to the body. Feel like pure shit 24/7.

Given my high FSH and zero response to HCG, is it safe to say my testicles have failed me? Is it common for finasteride to lead to testicular damage and primary hypogonadism?

TRT is deffinetly the next step, however given the zero response to HCG I’m seriously concerned about fertility at this point.

Should the HCG have kicked in by now or should I be patient and wait it out?

Pre HCG bloods:
FSH 10.7 (1.5-9.7)
LH 5.3 (1.8-9.2)
Oestradiol <70 pmol/L
TT 16.8 nmol/L (12.0-31.9)
SHBG 54 nmol/L (17-56)
FT 252 pmol/L (260-740)
TSH 2.12 mU/L (0.5-5.5)

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Got some interesting results to share after 5 weeks of HCG.

Has anyone seen a case like this before? Testosterone is through the roof, yet testies are still atrophied and pull up like a 10 year old boy. FSH is very high.

Still feel like shit, hopefully that will resolve once I fix my E2, otherwise I fall in the class of PFS victims with androgen receptor damage.

Could my testies just need time to recover?

Thanks all,

TT 39.7 (10.0-35.0)
SHBG 29.0 (13-71)
FT 1065 (225-725)
FSH 13 (1-10)
LH 3 (1-10)
E2 182 (55-150)

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Your testicles have recover in that you are producing testosterone and estrogen. If you’re a PFS suffer DHT should have been tested.

Finasteride causes all sorts of HPTA dysfunction and no one knows if recovery is possible for everyone, some have recovered and some not. HCG doesn’t always activate all hormonal pathways.

Did you not feel anything since starting HCG?

Thank you @systemlord I have a couple questions

I think I’m depressed from this ordeal which is likely masking any improvement in symptoms. I haven’t excersised at all in months.

Regarding testicular size and physical characteristics, given I’ve been atrophied for so long, do they just need time to grow? What does the high FSH mean?

Dr has prescribed 1mg anastrazole per week. Do you have any tips to help prevent my E2 from crashing? Is this too much?

I understand recovery from PFS is not always possible, but as you can understand it’s worth trying and fighting for.

Appreciate the advice, cheers

Actually, I misread my bloods and the FSH and LH of 13 and 3 was from an old test.

LH and FSH are currently completely shutdown from the high doses of HCG

Most likely going to numb your nuts and take away and emotion and you’ll become a eunuch!

Sure, don’t take the 1mg AI, bury it in the backyard. You need to control estrogen by increasing injection frequencies and inject smaller doses, unless you enjoy E2 hormonal roller coasters.

I only recommend AI to those that have already tried daily dosing and have failed to control estrogen, this is rare. You have to be some kind of unlucky fellow to fall into this crowd.

What you choose to eat can increase or decrease estrogen believe it or not.

Thanks for the feedback, I ended up using your advice and decreasing dosage & increasing injection frequency.

@systemlord please help, I have been on HCG for almost 8 weeks now and have seen no change in the physical characteristics of my testies. Could this be low DHT? Do they just need time to grow? What else can I test for??

How do I get my balls back??

Thank you

Recovery of testicular size takes a couple of months.
Same is true for the reverse process, if you go on TRT, LH goes down to undetectable levels and testis shrinke over the time frame of months.

Are you still injecting the hCG?
High FSH is really strange, since hCG should ‘kill’ GnRH which results in release of LH and FSH by the pituitary.

I wouldnt go with such high Levels of hCG like 1500 IU 3x per week. 3x 250 to 500 IU per week is a more physiological dose and will prevent LH desenzitation.

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Thanks @johann77. I have halved my dosage from 4500 IU per week to 2250 IU per week in an attempt to reduce E2. Recent blood tests show that LH & FSH are completely shut down.

I Appreciate the reassurance, given I’ve seen no physical changes I am starting to get very concerned. I will stay on HCG until my testies grow back (if they do at all). My endos plan is to then go for a HPTA restart.

Ps. I’m not on TRT


HCG is HPTA suppressive, HCG mimic LH but doesn’t replace it. A restart will not work because SHBG is high, clomid will increase SHBG lowering Free T even more, then when you come off clomid, your levels will be identical to previously.

There is no reason that a restart will not work in your case. I would not personally be too concerned about recovering size before trying the restart, They’ll come back or they won’t, HCG isn’t going to do anything positive in that regard that the restart won’t do. It just takes time. I would definitely try to get him to prescribe Tamoxifen/Nolvadex in place of Clomid for the restart though. SHBG is elevated because you spent time with low androgen levels, it will drop in response to elevated androgen levels, that’s how it’s supposed to work in men normally.

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Thanks mate, recent bloods have shown my SHBG has dropped from 50 to 30 post HCG. Will look further into nolvadex. Appreciate the advice .

Any progress?

Update? I’m going through the exact same thing only difference is my lh and fsh are low. Hcg increased total test to 1000ngdl, but testis are still atrophied and my genitals are cold and dont feel senastion.

I haven’t tried HCG yet. But I am on 50 mg Clomid for the last 12 days. I have zero libido and haven’t got a full erection in the last one year. My genitals are numb. I was wondering if the TRT will fix my libido, erection, and possibly preserve fertility. I am 30 years old.

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Yes. My balls have shrunken.

Hey dude, check out my other thread Messed Myself Up with SARMs and Finasteride (Update: Restart Successful), I just did a big update on my progress.

My restart after HCG worked and combined with major lifestyle changes I am now feeling much better. My current bloods have TT at about 800ng/dL.

Just replied to your comment on my other thread. My testies and penis were exactly as you described when I initially crashed, cold, lifeless, no sensation, they even ached quite often. This has all resolved for me now. Tesies are still atrophied, however the sack does often hang really low now, while before it pulled up into my body.

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hey bro, don’t just look at hormones. You need to look at bigger picture.

Complete Blood count, Liver enzymes, etc etc. Start here.

@jordan50 ; My LH is very, very high. My testosterone is through the roof. Still low libido and ED.