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Testicle Cramps and Atrophy


I’ve been trying to find relevant posts regarding testicle cramps and atrophied testicles. Does anyone have any experience and what do you think is the mechanism behind this? Is it a bad sign if you experience this when taking a SERM during PCT for example?

Your testicles atrophy when on AAS because they are non-functional. They basically become ornaments to look at. During PCT you should get some enlargement back when the SERM stimulates LH production. So that could be discomforting as well. Its all normal.


Thanks for the reply. So its kinda like when they are in the proccess of shutting down you may get cramps with the atrophy? And same thing when trying to bring them back? Had alot of cramps 8 months ago, then they subsided and got some back again yesterday accompanied by acne/liquidy feeling. The cramps scare me though, feels like something is wrong.

Yes and yes.

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