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Testicle Ache, Please Help!


Alright guys and gals, im 3 weeks into my test cypionate cycle dosed at 1ml 2x a week, (Mon,Thur) and everything seems to be sweet, diet is on point training is going well, havent noticed much in the realms of strength gains but im stacking the weight on, mainly down to diet i beleive.

Today my balls have started aching like fuck and although i wouldnt call it painful it is very uncomfortable, my nipples are sensitive and have noticed my sex drive go mental.

About the ball thing, is this normal? Or anything to worry about?

Is there anything i can do to help at all? And is this a good sign that the gear is decent or is that not true?

Any replies am greatful for


to be fair the strength gains is a lie, i am getting stronger but i cant see that being down to the cypionate yet, thats what i ment!!!


Are you using HCG, or a SERM? If not that would be why.


to be honest im not i never suffer with gyno so i dont ever use serms or ai i was considering using hcg this time but im not really bothered if my balls work or not and dont really know alot about it.

Can you start hcg midway through cycle?


Sure, just remember more is not better with HCG. When I did use it I only did 250IU 2x week (with TRT). I would not run it with your PCT however.


well i best get researching then, thanks grungephreak! Im actually considering bridging on a trt dose when i finish this 12 weeks untill my next cycle so ill look into it.


Dude, are you serious? No SERM? No AI?

No wonder why your balls aren’t working!

No expert here but that’s the basic of the basics!


Im not winging that my balls arent working i dont care if they work or not i was wondering why they where aching.

Why take ai or serms if i dont suffer with gyno??

And if i started to get gyno obviously i would jump str8 on them


You don’t care your balls don’t work? Holly shit you don’t know what you are talking about…

Honestly, 5 minutes of research on this forum will help you understand why is so VITAL take fucking AI and SERMS.

Why wait until you get gyno? that shit builds up subcutaneous when you start to feel it is because is already built, prevent that shit from happening don’t wait till you are fucked up to fix it.

Anyway I don’t think you will understand their importance until you experience the sides of this.

Good luck man!


Addressing your first question, why are they aching?

SIMPLE, you are fucking shut down, your body isn’t producing natural testosterone anymore, your balls will shrink because they don’t have a “Job to be done” and that little side that you are experiencing right know is just the begging.

If I was you I would read all the threads in here about being shut down and how to fix it.


ok, to be fair i have had extremely low to non existant test levels for a very long time anyway and thats due to other medication that i used to take so its not due to steroids that my body doesnt produce test, of course now im using steroids i obviously know that my body is not going to start to make natural test, however i have got kids i do not need my balls to work im not overly fussed on the size or aesthetic look of my testicles, i was simply trying to ask knowledgeable people as to why there aching and if it was normal. - No need to swear lol

I am currently looking into ai use however i think you will find that a hell of a lot of people dont recommend taking them unless you suffer sides like gyno. And before i started using steroids i obviously know what to look out for with gyno and im always checking incase i need to get some nolvadex or something else more appropriate.

Maybe your different to me maybe you want to have kids one day, maybe you want your balls to work im genuinely not that fussed if they do or not i wasnt being a dick just being honest with you, oc21 thanks for your reply but with respect mate i think its you who doesnt know what hes talking about, plenty of bodybuilders and forums suggest not to take serms or ai unless you NEED to ie symptoms of gyno


Exactly, there’s a lot of people who say you must take AI while on cycle there’s a lot of people who say wait until you see the sides.

I wouldn’t like to have Estrogen high while on cycle due to the water retention and the gyno issue, plus Test cycles usually make you hold good amounts of water, at the end of the day every body reacts different to AAS.

There’s a book called anabolics 2006 edition by William Llewellyn’s, great content I haven’t finished the book but is very valuable information and it goes deep into AI.

Anyway, good luck mate! :+1:


Its all good oc21 i appreciate your input, and am seriously looking into arimidex at the moment. Take care