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Testex Prolongantum

Hi everyone, i started a course of testex prolongantum(250mg/2ml) about two weeks ago, i have been advised to do 2 injections per week which is 500mg, i researched testex quite a lot before i started the course but i was wondering if i will ned to take novaldex etc now or when i finish he cycle and how much? also i want a ripped physique and i was just wondering if this was the right choice? i took winstrol depot about 18 months ago and was really happy with the affects but it hurt like hell after the injections which is why i chose this one. Cheers.

Water does hurt a little more than oil IME.

You may be ok without nolva during, but make sure you have enough for during AND after, just in case.
If you think you are getting estrogenic side effects, then take 20mgs af nolvadex till it is controlled, then either stop and repeat as necessary, or keep on with the 20mgs thereafter.
It has been said your gains may be affected slightly (Anecdotal evidence primarily) by use of nolvadex throughout a cycle, i think this is due to the fact estrogen has a great deal to do with anabolism and bulk in general - but in my experience 20mgs of nolva will not reduce ANY water retention etc, but will help with gyno.

I personally choose to use an anti-E or AI throughout my cycles. But that is just me.


sorry i havent replied i dident realise you had responded, (im new to this website and dont really no how it works yet haha) thanks for the advice, i finished my course 4 days ago, im really happy with the results, ive lost the little bit of fat i had on my pecs & theyre really ripped now! my arms & traps have grown massively aswell, the best thing out of everything though is that people who i really respect in the gym have been coming up to me and commenting on how good i look, just to confirm how often should i take the nolva? once a day? every other day? and for how long? cheers.

only use it on during your cycle if you experience any estrogen related side effects as mentioned by JJ.
Mainly itchy nipples i.e - the early rumblings of gyno.

After you have concluded your testosterone injections - if the ester is enanthate which i am assuming it is - begin nolva 10 days from your last injection at 40mg per day for 2 weeks and 20mg a day for another 2 weeks.

Not to patronise, but you should have really known all of this before starting steroid use.

yes i no i should have, ill reasearch more next time, thanks for the advice though, what would you reccomend for my next cycle? i want to have more of a ripped look rather than bloated if you no what i mean? im 6ft 3inches tall and weigh about 210lbs, my body fat is about 16-17%, i am already very happy with my look but there is always room for improvement, oh yeah and how long after you stop your cycle are the steroids actually still working? cheers.