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Testes Size and Fertility After PCT/HCG

Great Read. Quick question concerning HCG. Last years cycle I didnt run HCG during but rather later near end. By then testes had shrank drastically. Upon completion of cycle and use of PCT HCG I must have gotten lucky because testes went back to original size and all was well. Was the increase in teste size indicitive of fertility assumption or resumption? Or can the testes regain posture while still being infertile? Jeeze I hope I didnt # myself up.

Your testes atrophy when you take exogenous T. This does not mean you are/were infertile. I have not seen too many people become infertile from T, especially the younger guys who only cycle. I have a read a few posts on another forum from guys that were on TRT for long periods and had a zero sperm count while trying for children. Still pretty rare.

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Ball size doesn’t directly correlate to sperms

My brother has healthy ball sex drive etc by due to genetic defect his testes doesn’t produce sperm

Only noticed that after wanted to have children with his wife

You can get sperm check in a clinic very easy stuff

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Ok thanks so much for the replies.