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Testes + Masterdrol


I've been on masterdrol for a little over 2 weeks now. I just did measurements and my chest and legs grew 1 1/2 inches, arms 1/2 inch and calves 1/2 inch. I'm 20 yrs old, 5 '6, was at about 150 lbs. before the cycle now I'm about 156 lbs. I've been lifting pretty heavy lately with legs. I'm doing 4 sets of 6 with deadlifts and leg press. My friend that just got off it 1/2 way through his cycle because he had pain in his testicles every so often. I've just notice the same thing while I was doing deadlifts the other day. It was right between my notch which was a burning feeling. Please let me what you think is going on. Thanks a lot guys Alex


that doesnt sound good...seriously.


Why do a lot of people say that m1t's compare to SD. Your a little guy and you only gained 6 pounds from it. I gained 20 pounds from a 3 week cycle of m1t kept 16. I'm definately not wasting my money on sd especially if i can get m1t for half as much. f my liver


wait i didnt really read the post i thought it said 4 weeks doesnt sd start after the second week and stop working at the fourth


Sounds more like a prostrate problem than a test problem.


Since when did pics post here? Cool. Trash the SD and get some real gear.


I have 6 oxo and t3 which one should I use for PCT?


t3 as in the weight lose t3 replacement? and 6oxo is crap so throw that shit away and get novladex you can find it on websites that sell perscription drugs that dont ask for perscriptions


You are a personal trainer and asking stuff like this?


You know... i really love T-Nation for its training and nutrition advice and i have nothing against Biotest products. In fact they have very good products but its funny how every single supplement by another company is bashed on these forums.

Why is 6-oxo crap when many people i know have taken it with good results? Or what about the BSN products...I asked about them on here and were told they were crap as well...when I have taken them and got good results and people i know have taken them and got good results. You know you can recommend a product or company or praise a product or company without having to put another product or company down.


It's always a good idea to see other peoples views. T3 by nxcare ~ a nighttime testerone booster w/ 3 blockers built in it.


Ummm 6oxo is crap for pct i said not in general are you jsut going to let this kid use it for pct and not tell him to use nolva which is what he needs off cycle? that is jsut stupid if he doesnt you cna use the 6oxo also alongside the nolva but that isnt needed.