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Testerostone Gels


testosterone gels are the only medicine which is legal in my country

you can get them without a prescription , i am 20 years old , is it safe to use them ?

i am concerned more about safety and less about results

these are my lifts - bench press 50 pounds in both the sides for 10 reps
8 pull ups to failure , squat 60 pounds in both the ends of barbell for 10 reps
military press 20 pounds in both the ends of barbell for 12 reps

i am planning to apply only 5 g of testosterone everyday to improve my lifts faster

but generally is testosterone gel safe ?


You should proceed to the beginners forum.

Bench pressing 145lbs and squatting 165lbs reps is a complete joke.


and no they are not safe. You should wait untill you are at least 25 to start experimenting with any kind of hormones. your test levels are high enough as it is.


Why 25? Why not 23? 26?

How do you know this?? Do you know OP personally?


how long have you been training for? you usually need a base of 5 years for even considering hormones and such


The absorption rate of the gels are generally pretty low.

Not to mention, as bonez said (no offense OP) but your lifts are incredibly low. Unless you are like 4 feet tall and 75lbs, they suck. Steroids will not magically make you big and strong. And at your level you should be able to make significant gains naturally, at a very quick rate. Bodybuilding, powerlifting, or just trying to change your body for personal reasons take time. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

Save the steroids for when you have a good base and need them to continue making good progress.

Also, from what I have read, for people with normal testosterone levels, the gels will just inhibit the HPTA and your natural production will slow. Then your levels will stabilize at virtually the same level as they would be naturally. For a real steroid cycle the gels aren't a great option.