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Testerone and Puberty/Teens


okay i am not asking on part of me so please don't bash on the post
i am a football coach in cali and i have heard of some of my players using
testerone and tren to get bigger but they seem to continue growing?

so my question is does test really stunt growth??

thanks ahead of time for any response


The idea behind steroids stunting growth is the growth plates begin to close in response to testosterone, if I recall correctly. So early exposure could lead to them closing early leaving an individual shorter than they would have been. This isn't an immediate effect, you don't introduce steroids and BAM no more growth. Hopefully one of the more knowledgeable posters can give you a more detailed answer.


This is basically it. The idea is that in response to increased androgens during puberty growth plates closed, so by adding androgens before the age they would normally spike, or in higher amounts than they should be to begin with, you would cause the growth plates to close earlier than otherwise thereby causing them to not grow as much as possible.

What they should be concerned about most is fucking with a HPTA that is still developing, which could lead to them having low testosterone or permanent shutdown from it.

Steroids are not for high school kids. They shouldn't even be for people under mid 20s, unless there is a medical reason.

Tell your players to stop.


Im pretty sure the growth plate closure is more to do with estrogen levels, than testosterone. But you can see how the two are related.


Someone on this site said that at their high school there were 14 year old football players on the juice! I know someone who started aged 16, and he didn't get any taller...


Estrogen is most definately the major hormone responsible for growth plate closure. Its also by no means a rapid process, but once it starts it can't be stopped. Gear use at an early age for long enough will stunt growth.


thanks for the info guys i tried having a talk with them but indoubt any will listen


Coach-- I would be far more concerned with fucking up your endocrine system with steroid use! Growth plate closure is definitely a very real problem, however, your endocrine system does not stop developing until ~24 years old!!

The endocrine system is responsible for natural hormone production and regulation (natural ability to produce testosterone, but not just that--estrogen, growth hormone, insulin, and many others!).

It is the very last system to reach maturity, and they could end up fucking themselves over for life by ensuring that their hormonal system never reaches its potential. For a young guy the most persuasive side effect is crappy hard ons and/or libido....for the rest of your life. There are a bunch of other thinga that can go completely wrong but that's probably the biggest card to play for a young guy's psyche.

Now, this is not to say that it WILL happen to everyone who does it in their mid teens. It's rather like russian roulette.. Might never happen, but do you really wanna be the one that loses?

ALSO-- it is worth noting that ONCE your endocrine system matures completely circa 22-24 years old these permanent side effects are pretty much not a concern if you start using steroids responsibly after this time. So this applies pretty much only to the really young crowd.


yeah I agree^^