Tested/Non-Tested Shows

I was wondering what resource there is to find out what shows there are in my area (North,UK - UK) and what their protocols are towards substance testing.

I got a copy of Beef, so i can compare some of the winners of 80kg/90kg groups to compare to myself and for the listings in the back, whch obviously don’t disclose drug policy

How does one find out such information? Is it simply a matter of phoning the event line and asking?! Word of mouth? is there an online database?

I have plenty of time, but am looking to get every duck in a line.

Thanks in advance.


It is usually organizational.

For example IBBF shows are usually not tested, where as FAME shows are know as natural BB shows.

There is also an IBBF ‘tested’ World qualifier show you can do to compete at the world championships.

IBBF now also is developing a Men’s Clasic BB event that show cases a more aesthetic althletic -less bulked look.

Hey Joe, is "Beef’ a UK mag? I’ve never heard of it. I pick up ‘Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness’ here in the states. Pretty decent mag if you dont mind all the ‘Tech’ ads.


@ Stu, yeah mate Beef is a Brit only mag, underground and not bad for real-life contest pics, not like Flex!! lmao! that will be the day when i buy flex to check out the competition!

its funny, i thought you WERE a brit, your avatar kinda makes you look like a Brit, if that makes sense. Someone from Sheffield or Doncaster maybe… lol!

And thanks prisoner, thats good.
I will make it a bit more specific then (prob just brit BBers know about Brit shows)… so what about:
NABBA Shows… are they all Non-Test?
UKBFF - Non-T?
NPA - Tested?
BNBF - Non?

Thanks, Joe