Tested Estrogen, Total, Serum

hi all , been a while on here , I’m 55 year old male , I got a question , I ordered the wrong blood test or they gave me the wrong results , but I ordered a (E2 test estrogen) I’m used to a range of numbers 25 to 45 on my other tests ,but got a diff. lab this time and the results came ratio of * ESTROGEN, TOTAL, SERUM 196.2 pg/ml (range 60-190) and my no. was 196.2 , how does this compare, whats going , I guess they tested some way diff. than I expected, thanks

    • 196.2

You had them test all estrogens, instead of E2. Meaningless number and test by itself unfortunately.

well , thanks I’ll get it done again, what blood test terminology should I ask for?

Estradiol, or E2

Right test or wrong test your E (1,2,3) is too high. Do you have any high E symptoms? ED, water weight, moody just to name a few.

Turns out I ask for the right test , but she gave me the wrong test ,is there any way to sort of compare the two test? Don t feel any symptoms though,Thanks again