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Tested "Baseline" Levels But Wasn't at Baseline. Next Steps?

As documented in this thread, I went to a clinic for evaluation, labs came back with mid-range total T but hit the bottom of the normal range for free T. Doc recommended a testosterone protocol, but several things about his recommendations made me want a second opinion (he prefers pellets or a one shot a week protocol and didn’t order full labs). Most people in the forum recommended that I look elsewhere and get labs drawn that would include things like SHBG, DHT, and prolactin.

I decided to contact Defy. They recommended I get new labs with everything so they would have a complete picture before proceeding. I agreed and payed $362 for a full, comprehensive panel.

My appointment with the doc at the first clinic was Monday April 2. I had blood drawn for defy on April 12. Here’s where I screwed up. At the April 2 appointment, the last thing the doc did before I left was give me a testosterone shot to “see how I react to it.” I don’t know how much he gave me and I COMPLETELY forgot this even happened because I am a moron. So I got a shot of testosterone and then 10 days later got blood drawn for a low-t evaluation at Defy. My Defy blood results come back this morning and my total test says >1500 for range of 264-916 and free t 31.4 for range of 6.8-21.5 (each of my previous tests put me in the 550 total and 7.5 free range). I was shocked. That’s when I remembered the testosterone shot at the clinic. I payed $360 for a full panel that doesn’t reflect my baseline. Fucking great.

My question is, how long do I need to wait before drawing blood again? That shot was administered April 2, and my levels were sky high when I got blood drawn on April 12. It’s now April 19, so it’s been 17 days or so since the shot.

You can use your previous lab results for Defy up to a certain point. Just tell them about it.

Yeah, they said they would accept the previous labs, but really pushed for new ones because previous labs did not include SHBG, DHT, prolactin, and one or two other things. They said their doctors would like to see the whole picture so they could make tailored recommendations. I would like the complete picture as well. Any idea how long it takes to return to baseline after one dose?

They will prob take both and use t. From the old ones with current labs. Im with defy and used older labs mixed with a small lab (3 tests)i did for them