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Tested as Type 3 During Calorie Deficit, Type 2A During Maintenance

Coach thanks for taking time to educate. I’ve made some tremendous improvements with the suggestions for training recovery stress management diet, etc. SLEEP…

I decided to take the neurotype test The first time almost at the end of my cutting cycle, identified as type 3. I had a feeling I was either 2A or 2B, and with the additional stressors kicking me to a type 3.

A few months later has calories have started to increase back to maintenance I took the test again identified as a 2A.

Father of two young boys also run a custom formulation development laboratory, most of my work is on the fly creative and consulting. I’m the guy in the gym who’s doing random things medicine ball throws one day stick to a program couple of weeks back to explosive jumps superset prowlers. Also enjoy pump work nothing seems to work for long as you said. Lousy lower body mobility, need five set of primer squats to get things moving.

Would love your eyes and opinion on where I truly land As a neurotype.

Main reason I ask is because recovery has been challenging for this past couple years. Sleep mainly. dosing with glycine post workout and magnesium taurate post workout and before bed. Trying to decrease volume as much as possible but seems even with D loads it’s becoming hard to recover after a few days of training.

IMO, someone having scores evenly spread as you do is 2A.

thx brother - i believe so. wonder if i fall under passionate or actor. thinking the later

As believer pointed out. This is the same result to me. 4 scores that are even is definitely 2A. As for if you are actor or passionate it’s hard without knowing more about you.


Are the subcategories within the neurotypes still relevant to you? The slides (on actor, passionate, confident etc.) are presented in some threads on this forum.

However, they are not included in the neurotyping courses.

I’d like to hear your thoughts.


The online course was developed 4 years ago. The slides on the sub-types were added as a new development. after the online course was created. I will eventually film an updated course, but with COVID restrictions in Canada it was impossible to do over the last 18 months.

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Bro all There are type 2a, the test is made like that. Whatever u will picked The answer will be 2A…
For example im clean type 3 but when i tłok test i Always got 2A scores like you

Just because you didn’t get the results you thought you’d get doesn’t mean the test is built like that. Of the thousands of people who took the test, close to 20% were type 3. 2A is the most common profile because it is the most common personality type in our mixed society.

Looking forward to the updated version!

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I for one am type 1B, on both the old and new tests.

And if you think about it, CT sells programs and diets for all neurotypes. How would it be worth it for him to rig the test towards one personality type, therefore only giving a chance for one type of his products to sell?

But since you both seem to have a ton of money to spare on neurotype tests, instead of taking the 10th test hoping you’ll get the results you want or expect, just go with your actual true results and spend the rest of your money on the corresponding diets and training programs, follow them, assess how they make you feel, and go from there. Maybe you’ll learn something by the end. Or even buy the actual neurotype courses, and learn to assess your own neurotypes yourselves.

For really it is 2A?

Yes, Yes, Yes and guess what. If you keep doubting our judgments (even that of CT himself) and your own, you’ll get even more type 3 results. Because you are taking this a little bit too seriously and becoming paranoid about it.

Enough already, you’re once again a clear cut 2A. Now accept and use all the feedback that has been given to you. Otherwise chances are high you won’t get a reaction anymore (except maybe from people you pissed off).

For my the beat way to find who is type 3 is skinny fat body

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Anyone who doesn’t exercise, has bad lifestyle habits, is out of shape and/or experiences a lot of stress can be skinny fat.

While it may be an indicator, there are a lot of other variables you need to check first before you can be certain that someone’s a type 3.

There are a lot of skinny fat people on this planet and most of them would be identified as 2A’s because it is the most common profile.

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For example i did 2 times CLIFTON STRENGHT TEST which btw is very popular comapred to CT’s test and two times i got result: “THINKER” type 3 is named like that.

Dont understand me wrong, I just think The idea of neurotyping, whole system is great and CT should win the nobel prize (not joking) but i think that test just sucks and dont show the truth, even if you answer brutally honest

You really need to stop using the word “truth” after you got busted running an alternate account.

You’ve already gotten a simple explanation for your test results. You and your family (for whatever reason they took the test) happen to fall under the most common category. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s statistics.

There’s no reason to continue whining about it and definitely no reason to hijack other threads to throw out more unnecessary complaints.

Interesting though, I just watched the squat video you posted under your other account and I’m wondering how old you are. You appear to be in your early to mid-teens and I believe that can affect the results.

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Types 1 and 3 are the outliers and types 2 are the majority of the population. My system is based on the Cloninger test (which only has Types 1, 2 and 3, no sub-types) and types 1 and 3 each account for around 15-20% of the population depending on the part of the world you are in. 80-85% are somewhere on the type 2 continuum.

This means that 1A and 1B should normally be between 5 and 10% of the population each, type 2 should be 15-20% of the population and 80-85% should be one of the two type 2As (actor or passionate) or one of the two type 2Bs (artist or confident).

This is not unusual when you think about it because neurological profile is heavily influenced on genetics bagage and in our current world we have A LOT of mixing of different people.

While the % of each 2A actor, 2A passionate, 2B artist and 2B confident will vary it will be between 15-20% each with likely 40-45% of the population being a form of type 2A and another 40-45% being a form of 2B.

These are actually in line with the ratio we have from thousands of people who took the test.

Can the test be wrong? OF COURSE! Any personality assessment tool will have a good 10% of misdiagnostic (my father was a human resources psychologist and university professor who used and thought all the major personality assessment tests). This is due to personal bias, the desire to portrait yourself a certain way, the language of the questions/language barrier, or social bias (to name a few).

If it possible that you are a type 3? Sure. That is, after all the score that is the highest. But that doesn’t mean that the test doesn’t work as most who have took it recognize themselves in the profile diagnosed.

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That is not always true.

The skinny-fat type (provided that the person actually trains hard and eats well) is more a combination of the ACTN3 XX genotype and a higher estrogen to testosterone ratio.

The ACTN3 XX genotype gives a higher ratio of slow-twitch fibers, a lower mTOR response to training, slower muscle damage repair. All making it much harder to build muscle and also leading to a lower muscle tone.

A higher estrogen to testosterone ration leads to a higher ratio of Alpha-adrenergic receptors vs beta-adrenergic receptors. This makes it harder to lose fat and also leads to a lower muscle tone. That higher estrogen to testosterone ratio also makes someone more prone to water retention, which further accentuate that “soft and fat” look.

There IS some correlation between Type 3 and ACTN3 XX genotype BUT EVERY type can have that genetic configuration as well as a high estrogen to testosterone ratio (or more aromatization). Just like you CAN have a type 3 with a ACTN3 genotype and more fast-twitch fibers and a easy time building muscle.

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Chris, having fast twitch fibers means that you are run fast? For example Dave Tate (you mentioned about that in some of your film) seperate powerlifter on slow and fast. You said that speed powerlifter is 1B and slow powerlifter is 1A. How 1A is slow powerlifter if he Has more fast twitch fibers?

oh, I actually think that 1B and 1A men are the ones with consistently high testosterone levels, because they have an “alpha” personality.