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Tested 148 ng/dl, 22 Year Old Male

i have been on a handful of different ssri’s for anxiety and depression, right now just wellbutrin

ive had sexual issues as long as i can remember, my orgasms suck compared to how they were before i messed with meds, and my libido is low so ive been going to a urologist trying to figure it out

(year and a half ago I got tested at endo because I noticed some thinning hair

it was 550, started using rogaine, correlation?)

couple months ago I got tested at urologist and they said normal range…

I find out yesterday it was actually 350, which is in the 200-800 range but not healthy for 22 year old, and i freak out, they test it again and it comes back 148, they give me androgel like its tylenol

i have no idea what is going on and i dont want to be stuck on TRT at such a young age

very concerned as to wtf is going on with me

should i avoid the androgel til i find out whats going on? how do i find out?

Read the stickeys. Yes to avoiding androgel for now. More at work than just low T, you need to peel back the onion and figure out what.