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TestE/?Winny?/T3 and Clen


first cycle

goal of cycle = losing as much BF as possible while maintaining/gaining strength/size

Weeks 1-12 500mg Test E every 3.5 days
Weeks 6-12 Pyramiding T3 from 25mcg to 120mcg
Weeks 1,3,5,7,9,11 120mcg Clen
my main question is where to place then WINNY?

i was planning on doing 6 (possibly 8?) weeks of winny, but wasnt sure what the best way to run it would be...

1) Weeks 6-12 50mg per day

2) Weeks 8-14 50mg per day

3) Weeks 6-14 50mg per day

i like the idea of bridging with the winny the 2 weeks after my last test shot into PCT and would honestly prefer option #3 but wasnt sure if 8 weeks of orals was really that bad.

anyway i'd really appreciate any thoughts and advice



I would go anavar and proviron instead of the winny, this sounds like an athletic stack and I tend to get a bit of joint ache with winny. If your deadset on winny then I would run a low dose of deca with it, like 250mgs weekly to counteract the joint issues with winny.


I would go with option 2 or 3.
The doseage of T3 seems like overkill, dont think you need that much.
And if you want to do deca (I certainly wouldnt) then you'd have to do winny at the start alongside deca to give enough time for deca to clear before PCT.


i agree about the var but its just so much more expensive than winny for me. also, my buddy is a PLer so he doesnt get many different compounds, so i kind of had to go with test E

maybe ill be able haggle the var price



first, thanks buddy

i realize the liver toxicity isnt really that much of an issue but just makin sure no one has a problem with 8 weeks winny.

no deca for me...

about the T3, i think ive seen bill roberts say something like the difference between 70mcg and 100mcg is neglible but then ive seen other guys say theyve gone up to 200mcg!


I like to run winny last 6 or 7 weeks of cycle to take advantage of the free test and further harden up before coming off. My 2 cents


yeah, i was thinking about running proviron for that purpose but cant get any at the time so iwas just gonna stick with winny

question though, after stopping the winny does the hardness and vascularity stay or does it decrease with time off?


Vascularity definetly starts disappearing.


true. i assumed it wouldnt be 100% the same on and off but i wasnt sure if it would cause the actual arterial/veinal walls to grow or thicken


Hmm I've never heard of winny thickening or actually growing blood vessels walls, I dont think it does. When I used it, I was vascular no doubt but when I came off it my vascularity was as usual.


gotcha. not sure where i heard that...


another question... for my (cutting fat) purposes:

would i be better off with 50mg winny ED or 60mg TBOL ED?



anyone? i gotta place my order soon :slightly_smiling: