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TestE+Primo+MastE: How Dangerous

I’m thinking about a Test E + Primo + Masteron E summer cycle. With a small dose of Aromasin all the way through and some clomid + taper as PCT.

I see so many good comments on the “feel good” effect and how easy it is to come off (by basically tapering the very same combo).

My question : how dangerous is this combo … to the HAIRLINE ??

The gear I’d use at the highest dose would be the Primo. I read at times it’s a real side effect free gear and on other places that it’s very bad for the hairline.

Anyone knows?

(BTW I use Nioxin and Nizoral shampoo)

i used this same combo and it was fairly side effect free. i didn’t even get any zits on the back until i started the nolva.

i used it in various doses but this is what i liked the best:

Test 300mg/w
Primo 600mg/w
Mast 200mg/w

i didn’t notice much hairloss. i am not really prone to it though (i am just thinning a little).

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Thanx for the feedback.

Of course if you lucky dudes are not prone to MPB it wont affect you in that department.

With the use of Nioxin shampoo and Nizoral in the past I’ve pretty much stopped hairloss for the last couple of years :slight_smile:

Though looking at the family it doesnt look too good for me :frowning:

Bottomline: I don’t want to quicken my way to a chrome dome. Since Primo is in the DHT family, some say it’s baaad for the hair while I’ve also read it doesnt convert to DHT in the body so it’s a non-issue… I’m basically looking for real world testimonials and not just theory.

Summer goal: around a 10-15 pound lean weight gain and lots of energy and sex!
I’ve done my cutting already.

Would you think
300mg/w TestE
160mg/w MastE
400mg/w Primo
is too little?

It still amounts to 860mg of gear a week even though it’s mostly “mild” stuff. BTW I’ve got limited experience. Not a newbie, not a vet in need of massive amounts either.

You could start with that and then bump the primo dose if you needed to but I would start with it at 600mg/w. My first cycle was the one I described before and it was awesome. Very lean gains (got leaner during cycle as well). strength was really good.

I didn’t feel sore ever, just a little tight from time to time so I may have run the masteron too high. I had a little hairloss but it may have just been normal shedding because my hair doesn’t look different now.