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TestE/Deca or TestE/Dbol?

This will be my second cycle. First cycle was 500 test E weekly. I’ve been told that Dbol has more sides than Deca. Wanting to gain mass and strength. What to use for PCT? How many weeks should cycle be and how much to dose with weekly? Help!?

So it is your second cycle, so one should assume you have basic knowledge. Yet you dont know how long to go for, what to pct with and how to dose? huh?

What specifically have you heard? What sides concern you the most? Perhaps lay out a cycle and ask for critiques as I doubt anybody will do it for you. That incurs liability and requires more knowledge about you personally than we have at the moment.

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deca dick is no joke bruh

I have PCT on hand from last cycle. Clomid and Nolva. And my PCT went great. Wondering if I should swap in HCG. A lot of debate I’m reading about taking during or post. My supplier says to take as PCT. 10-15 weeks on Deca, starting the Deca early and ending it early before the Test. I know these things, but when you research the topics, some people says 10 weeks. Some says 12, some say 20. Everybody has different suggestions of dose. So wanted to get input and use the method I receive most responses on.

Not everyone has deca dick.

I have 0 issues with high deca, can even run the test lower than the deca.

thats awesome man youre lucky

There’s several deca-dick threads where guys used it many times with no issues then one cycle went bad and they don’t have a working penis for years. That is the scary thing about it.

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Im aware of that, well I’ve had my dick not working properly for weeks to months one time after tren cycles hehe.

I guess everyone has different effects with diff compounds.

Is deca that amazing for keepable gains after cycle (sincerely asking as I have no experience with it) that makes taking the risk worth it? Obviously many do so I’m guessing it is and I know a large majority don’t get deca-dick.

Not sure as this is the first time I started with 400mg, had no issues and upped to 500, with same test not even higher, so far 10 weeks and 0 libido issues or erection issues, actually
my libido is higher than normal now, maybe it comes after? But then I guess I have to deal with it and not complain.

However on Tren, which everyone seems to get super erections and libido from, gave me ED on several occasions, on AND after/pct, I read these horror stories above here and how bad their ED is.

Hear this ultimate ED story:

One time on Tren I was at a hotel after party, and I ended up alone with my girl/date and her hot girlfriend in the bathroom with locked door, this was gonna be a threesome.

I was standing with my back against the wall and my girl was on her knees sucking me, it really didnt go up. The girlfriend was standing beside me kissing me while my gf was on her knees really putting effort, like she can do anything you see on porn videos, but it DID NOT go up, no matter what they did, and they were really hot.

And that gf had the best BJ I ever experienced, best head of any girl in my whole life, when not on Tren i would’ve gotten erect in seconds, I had the most crazy sex life with that girl off-gear, sometimes we’d do it 5-7 times in a night till I was swollen.

So imagen how strong the ED was that time, and that as from Tren not Deca, which seems to make every guy a pornstar, well not me lol, great recomp though.

You still didn’t answer any of my questions with this reply. I understand what you have at your disposal.

That’s nuts dude! Thanks for sharing. I had a similar situation with Anavar. I haven’t done anything really besides TRT in 10+ years and decided to try 50mg/day of Anavar. I had a girl that was smoking hot that wanted to drive 5 hrs just to fuck and was telling all this shit she’s always fantasized about doing but was never comfortable enough to do it with someone. So we planned to do it on New Years. About 10 days before New Years I had another girl texting me out of the blue wanting to get laid but I noticed out of no where (2 weeks into Anavar) that I didn’t really feel like it and I couldn’t get hard. Normally my libido is that of a 17 yr old on prom night so I dropped the Anavar and I’ll be dammed if it wasn’t exactly 10 days until it came back (New Years Eve) and I pounded that girl like she’s never been pounded before. The ED/libido thing is fucking scary.

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Sounds like a good time! Close one. I was expecting an epic fail haha. I could understand that if that ended badly that would’ve been pretty messed up.

Well you could say you went out that year with a bang! Seems like the lord of was on your side that night :laughing:

Yeah the ED is pretty serious, I could deal with it several times during pct I just focused on training and not too much paying attention to women. But man especially in those rare opportunities, if it happens you hate life lmao.

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The Deca dick is my biggest concern. I would want to run 500 Test E weekly and 300 Deca weekly. 15 weeks