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Hey guys,

I'm new to the forum.

I'm about to run my first cycle and was hoping I could get a little bit of advice here first. I'm aware already of recomended dosages as well as what is stackable and what isn't. I've posted these questions on a few forums...I'm just trying to get a general feel of what the community thinks.

My current plan is to run an 8 week cycle consisting of Dbol/TestE running Nolvadex throughout as I am prone to storing water in my pecs. My dosages will consist of Dbol not to exceed 50mg daily along with 250mg of Test weekly. This is similar to the Mick Hart starter cycle but includes TestE.

My stats are:
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 194 (I'd like to be 250 at the same BF, I plan on running a few cycles)
BF: %10
I've been lifting and doing crossfit on and off since I was 17.

What I'm wondering is:
Why do I see people use Dbol the first two weeks then quit running it?
If I run Nolvadex the whole time through and use it for two weeks after cycle for PCT will I be in the clear?

PCT is the only thing that I'm still blurry on.



Lay out a proper cycle so we can assist. How many weeks of dbol? More than 6 is not recommended due to liver toxicity. An AI and not Nolva should be used during cycle. Nolva should be used for PCT starting two weeks after the last test e injection to leave adequate time for the enanthate ester to clear your system so you will no longer be suppressed when you start PCT. Normal Nolva PCT is 4 week at 40mg/d | 40mg/d | 20mg/d | 20mg/d.

It might also be a good idea to front load the test e so it kicks in faster. I would go with 500mg/w test e injecting 2x/w (Mon & Thurs for example) 250mg which is normally 1ml. Front load would be 600mg on day 1 followed by regular 250mg dose later in the week and 2x/w until end of cycle.

You might also want to maximize gains and minimize downtime by starting the dbol (10mg 3x/d is plenty if it is good) in week 5 through week 10. That way you are still benefiting from dbol in weeks 9 & 10 while your test level is falling to non-suppressive level in order to start PCT. dbol has a very short half life so you can start PCT the next day after your last tab.

So PCT starts on week 11. Test e ends after week 8.


Many servings of fail in this turd. Water in the pecs?


PCT is not the "only thing youre still blurry on"



Good for you.

Wait, what?! lol

350mg Dbol and 250mg Test? That is a high dose of the toxic dbol compared to the relatively safe test.. I would be tempted to run about 30mg/day dbol (especially if you are prone to gyno - estrogenic fat/water retention in the chest) and 400mg/wk Test - or so.

I dont know who that is - but if you are saying your Test/Dbol cycle is similar to a Dbol only cycle, but with Test - Then that is true.. irrelevant as all hell, but very true..

Let me just stop you there - you are saying you'd like to be 250lbs with 10%? Trust me, mentioning that you 'plan on running a few cycles' is not necessary! You will learn that your goal is a lot further off than you actually think, i suspect. Most of us here are working towards similar goals.[/quote]

BF: %10
I've been lifting and doing crossfit on and off since I was 17.[/quote]

Cross fit? 250lbs @ 10%? Hmm..


It is to get max dosages higher in the first few weeks, and to get results coming faster - dbol has a half life of just a few hours, and as such begins to show effect sooner than test enanthate.

From what? From gyno? Possibly. Nolvadex 'blocks' the breast from strong estrogens, it does nothing to reduce the levels of estrogens in the body - estrogen has many negative (and positive) effects and as such should be controlled with an Aromatase Inhibitor.
Plus dbol with even 250mg of test is likely to be a little more than your man boobs can handle, especially if you suspect you 'hold water' there already with zero manipulation of hormones prior to this..

Pct should begin 2 weeks after the last test E shot, but casn be run from the next day after the last dbol dose.
It would be fine to use tamoxifen for your PCT. 2 weeks at 40mg a day, followed by 2 more at 20mg/day.



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