TestE 600mg/ml Pip

Started my 2nd cycle using 750mg sustanon a wk pinning eod and npp 100mg eod( more for the great joint relief). Im in it 4wks and decided to switch to test e 600mg/ml. I have a great source and havent experienced any pip from the sus and npp and also my 1st cycle i used tprop ed also pain free. Will this high concentration of test per ml hurt like a b****. I will be keeping my dose at 750mg/wk and prob pinning e3d. I prefer ed pinning but with enthanate im sure its a waste. I use a 23g pin

Maybe try asking your source, but even if it hurts im sure youll get used to it, you can pin with slins ed if youre lean enough, npp should be pinned eod imo.

Yea im pinning npp eod. Regarding the test E my source says its pain free and beats shooting the 250mg/ml in your leg. Loving the npp tho,

Im def. lean enough for slins, 197lbs <10% BF but i have a ton of 23g pins,

I’m big on pinning ED no matter the ester but I would never do so with 23g pins man. Maybe 26g but I’m more comfortable in the 29-31g range. Pins are so cheap that I wouldn’t consider having an abundance a valid excise to use them. As for the PIP it all depends on how well it was brewed. I’ve pinned Prop 100 thats left me handicapped and I’ve used Prop 200 that’s borderline painless. Currently using a 500mg/ml EQ and it’s pain free. One things for sure though, the higher the concentration, the more you’re gambling with PIP.

You guys were right no pip.