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Testavan Success? Results In...

I can’t get anything other than Testavan currently. Prescribed 2 pumps of 23mg once a day. I double down with 2 in the morning and two in the evening which seems to be working reasonably well - putting on muscle and increased sex drive.
First lot of results on bloodwork taken 4 hours after the morning dose
Testosterone 41.3 nmol/L (6.0 - 28)
SHBG 65 nmol/L (15-50)
Free Testosterone 660 pmol/L (200-600)
Oestradiol 152 pmol/L (<150)

  • 1191 ng/dl Testosterone American measurement.

The free testosterone levels are the highest I have managed to get - previously I was around 220, which is low.

My initial feel is the Testavan isn’t a disaster but I’m not particularly knowledgeable on the topic - Any thoughts?

It seems to be working fo you, so if that’s what you can do currently, then I’d just go with it.

If I read that right, though, you’re double dipping on your dose so are you going to be able to maintain that long term? If you just run out with a couple of months left between refills you’re gonna feel like crap.

Gels work just fine for some guys, mainly based on how well they absorb through their skin, as i understand.

Might I ask why testavan is the only thing you can get? Is it an insurance thing, availability, etc. Mainly just curious.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I’m double dipping. The readings are from 4 hours after the first dose, and I haven’t had tests throughout the day but those levels are probably around peak.

From my research on Testavan, T levels will reduce down after 6-8 hours after use, so I take the second dose approx 12 hours after the first to keep the levels up for longer. I therefore assume it replicates better the constancy of injectables, rather than having T levels at 1000+ for 6 hours then say 200 or less for 18 hours.

You’re right - I may run out of product but the doctor gives me a 5 refill so I will try and time my visit to get another 5 before these run out. I see him every three months. I can only get Testavan because it is all this doctor prescribes for anyone. He prescribed based on I was already on self administered and didn’t need me to come off and crash. As I did not have the required low T levels no other specialist will prescribe without the low levels. You can’t walk into a doctor and tell him your self prescribe testosterone from underground sources - your levels of T are high can he get you more. Except this guy.

Down the line I will test in the morning after Not taking the second dose at night to see what my levels are and if I can then find another doctor.

Keep in mind most drugs are prescribed on a 30 day basis so each prescription should last 30 days meaning they can’t fill it until after 30 days from the initial pickup date from the pharmacy.