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Testavan - Experiences/Information

Has anyone got any experience of this? I have just been prescribed it. Was only released in the UK end of last year. It’s supposed to absorb better and faster (no risk of secondary contact/absorption after 15 minutes). Don’t know much else as I can’t find much about it online. No online pharmacies in the UK seem to stock it. Nothing mentioned previously on this forum as far as I can tell either.

Not many gel users, if any, on this board due to it being inferior to other methods. Can you not get a script for injectable testosterone?


Yes, but not easily on the NHS (free healthcare). I could go to a TRT specialist but it means paying for initial consultation and then at least £90 per month. I went for the third method - use my health insurance to get an appointment with a urologist who I knew was cool with TRT. The UK guidelines for urologists are quite good actually, they are basically “yeah, sure, why not?” We are still behind the US though I think. Anyway, the urologist prescribed me Testavan and so far it’s cost me nothing. I haven’t picked the cream up yet but think it’s £25 for 2 months. I also thought it might be better to start on the cream to sort of ease myself into it, and see how I feel. I’m sure I can talk the urologist to prescribe me injections at a later date once I’ve been through the motions. He doesn’t want to do any bloodwork for 3 months though which I found a bit concerning. Will probably pay for my own after a month or so.

Have you researched TRT at all? What do your current bloods look like? Are you taking anything else with the gel? How old are you?

Usually TRT isn’t a try-it-out-and-see kind of thing. You go on it for life. If you come off you go back to where you were, hopefully. The gel won’t add to your current T level it will become your new T level. Your testes shut down as your HPG Axis is interrupted by the exogenous hormone.

Yes, done a fair bit of research. Nothing else with the cream. 33 yrs old.

Well give it a try and keep us posted. Usually the gels are meh because of the absorption rate. If it sucks then 3 months is a long time to wait to prove to your doc that its not working.

I agree. Planning on getting tested after a month.

Third day and feel a little more motivated and energetic. Maybe slightly increased libido but that’s pretty high anyway. Definitely feel like I’ve slept more deeply. Could all just be placebo though. Pretty subtle.

Is it worth me waiting a month to do bloods? With the gels am I right in thinking it should improve mood right away. It’s not like the levels build up in my system right? I should be back to baseline by late afternoon. So if I need to up my dose or sack off the gels, I should know pretty quickly right?

Is the free T calculated or measured? There are big issues with the erroneous methods.

Says calculated on the test sheet. Not sure what method was used.

That could be a problem… I had shared some info on another board but maybe very relevant here.

Here is the text form other discussion post for your reference. Not able to figure out how to cross-reference posts.

Free T determination is quite important. However, more recently it has become clear that all the computations generally used are erroneous. Since I am new to TRT, have been trying to understand the new research. It is being actively pursued and came across some useful info:

Phase II: Research and Commercialization of TruT Algorithm for Free Testosterone](http://grantome.com/grant/NIH/R44-AG045011-02

The measurement of testosterone (T) levels is central to the diagnosis of androgen disorders, such as hypogonadism in men and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in women. Circulating T is bound with hig…

Giving due credit to other person whose post I read…

Hope for an accurate method to determine Free Testosterone

Novel Algorithm for Free testosterone Determination ABSTRACT - the current methods for the determination of free testosterone- equilibrium dialysis, ultrafiltration, tracer analog methods, and the use of algorithms based on the…

Isn’t the calculated value always what’s used though?

Day 4 - Definitely feel like I’m sleeping more deeply. Still feeling tired during the day though. Not expecting to explode with muscle in the first week but how long should I wait to expect a change in energy/mood? The dose seems very low even for a gel.

My primary goal is to combat fatigue btw. And hopefully lose a bit of fat. Any gain in muscle is just a bonus. I’m not a bodybuilder or anything, before anyone chimes in and says I need to inject. The gels must work for some people for my symptoms.

From what i’ve understand is that you never injected before?..most folks did before they even started TRT…and thats when you feel the difference in gel or injections.
I had the gel and it just wasn’t the same, but if it works for you, just keep it like that, you can Always smear some extra and when you wont be able to get a steady feeling…then its time to rethink your options.

Hi, how are you doing on the Testavan? my doc gave me that today, just wondering how you respond on it.

Hard to say really. On paper it has worked. Before I started I had had 2 morning blood tests, both around 8-9. Then a couple of weeks after starting the gel I felt really awful, really low and depressed and fatigued but I was going through a seriously stressful time at work so I can’t tell if that had anything to do with the gel. Told my urologist and he told me to go and get a blood test done. This one was at 5pm and the result was 6! This is after applying the gel at 6am for at least a few weeks. Urologist asked me to go back in and get a morning test, which I did and the result was 22. So he was happy with that, and it shows it at least works for a few hours. I lost about 5lbs really quickly, but again that could have been the unfortunately timed stress at work. Can’t say I feel any better for using the gel. Sex drive was never a problem but might be up a little. Again that might be the added tension at work though.

Thank you for your reply, i have been on it now for around 2 weeks.
Been using tostran for a year or so, my blood work on tostran was at the higher end on test and free test.
Curious to see how my blood work will be after a month on this Testavan.

22 on you is a good result.