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It has been about two years since my last post. I will try to keep it short and simple. I want to say thanks to ksman and the other guys who take the time to reply to guys like me when I needed help and guidance with my " problems". I won't get deep into the numbers but want some of you to know where I was to where I am now.

I am currently taking Test Cypo 200mg IM every week on Saturdays. I was taking up to 300mmg week but developed polycythemia and decreased to 100mg per week. I know some of you are thinking 300mg/wk is way to much for TRT, but my T levels would not go above 400 for a while and then went up to 1400, I then took 100mg/wk and my T levels went to 230. I now have been on 200mg/wk for 13 months and all my labs have stabilized with in normal limits. I dont want any of you to think I did this on my own, I found a MD that listened to my complaints and worked with me. I feel pretty lucky to have found him. He is a fairly young guy with a new practice and does think their is a condition called Andropause in men.

I feel great, all the symptoms of low T have left and the benefits of TRT are here.

Here are a few of my then and now numbers

T-198 now 800
E2 19
triglyerides- 500 now 150 this is the one I am most proud of
body wt 250 now 270, I know it went up but I have been lifting 4 days a week since I have been on TRT. I lift for the accomplishment not for the results. If that makes sense?
age 45 now 47
body fat 32% now 22%

I remember KSMAN is a big fan of an AI with TRT and I tried an AI but my E2 bottomed out and so did my sex life, My MD is amazed that my E2 levels are perfect with my T dose.

Well that's it in a nut shell and I hope this gives someone a little encouragement. Thanks