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Testament (metal )

Does anyone listen to Testament or Slayer
the best and most underrated bands in heavy metal???
also Iced Earth and In flames

Back in the day, absolutely. Slayer was great up to and including Seasons in the Abyss. After that, I thought they were terrible. Testament was kinda hit and miss for me…I had to listen to a lot of bad music to get to some great songs by them. However, I think I would disagree with your comment about either of them being the most underrated bands in heavy metal.

I have a warm spot in my heart for Testament, but you have to admit they were pretty damn cheesy. Are they still around? I haven’t heard them since The Ritual cam out. Alex Skolnick was the man. And I love Slayer, though their albums have been ho-hum ever since Seasons in the Abyss. I guess no Dave Lombardo = no ass-kicking. Reign in Blood was one of the best metal albums of all time.

SLAYER- Satan Laughs As You Eternally Rot. Uh- I think a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Just my .02

I never said they were poets…but I thoroughly enjoyed the music.

You mix that music with roids!!! Holyshit!!!

Yup, love em. Reign in Blood is BAR NONE, the absolute best workout music if you need some serious aggression. Decade of Aggression had some great live stuff such as Chemical Warfare, Black Magic etc. I haven’t heard the name Testament in a long time. Practice What You Preach was a great album (I think that was the name of it anyway). I used to LOVE that guitar intro to Trial By Fire as I am a former axeman. I miss the good ol’ days with metal. Lots of good bands from back in the day…Savatage, Abattoir, Venom, S.O.D, Nuclear Assault, Raven. I’ve been trying to find this old album that Hit Parader came out with called “The Wild Bunch,” that was a compilation of all the upcoming metal groups at the time. Another good one was Metal Blade’s Welcome To The Metal Zone and From The Megavault by Megaforce records. Makes me long for the mid 80’s again.

Hey, screw Testament, Megadeth, and Slayer. Give me a little Winnie the Pooh action. You know, “Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh, Willie, Nillie, Silly, old bear.” Now that kicks some serious ass!

If you guys want to hear some “newer” bands that still kick ass like that check out Chimaira and Burnt by the Sun.

hell yeah, any of you guys listen to carcass or cannibal corpse? That shit will get you goin.

Anyone listen to Dream Theatre?

Can someone please tell me why Iron Maiden wasnt mentioned

Yes, Maiden rules too! I had a compilation tape I would listen to right before a soccer match. Fave songs were Number of the Beast, Die With Your Boots On and Tailgunner.

I’m not sure, but I think they were playing that song at Gold’s last night…damnit I hate that place sometimes.

Oh, and Iron Maiden wasn’t mentioned because he was talking about underrated bands. Iron Maiden was one of the biggest true heavy metal bands at the time…hardly underrated. D Rock, for some reason, the only new heavy music I can get into is stuff like Slipknot or Mudvayne. I guess my tastes have evolved from stuff like Morbid Angel and Malevolent Creation.(probably not a bad thing)

Slayer is the shit, so is mudvain

Check out those 2 bands that i mentioned. Chimaira is so tight. Slipknot and Mudvayne are pretty good. I would consider them “nu-metal” though. But i have been a fan of them for years. I’ve seen Slipknot 3 times. Badass. Also check out Nothingface.

Slayer rocks… I even like some of their newer stuff. Like, God Hates Us All.

JS I listen to Dream Theatre, goin to their concert in August, then I'm off to Ozzfest. I don't really concider them Metal, but I think they are pretty underrated.

For those that are checking out some of the newer metal out there, check out the band called Flaw. They have a couple tracks on there that will get anyone's head banging.

Don’t forget the newer black metal bands:

In Flames, Cradle of Filth, Children of Bodom,
Soilwork, Dimmu Borgir.

They shred and rip you apart! I’ve never heard anything more agressive and violent than black metal. Now, combine this stuff with steroids and you’ll be damned if you don’t grow.

In fact I’ve got In flames and slayer as two top tracks on my gym MP3 player.

And by the way, for fuck’s sake, how come noone said anything about metallica???

Their “Master of Puppets” is head and shoulders above anything else out there.


Soilent Green is my favorite band right now and they are very underrated. Same with Crowbar, Decapitated, Opeth and Bloodlet.

Great to see some Maiden fans on the forum. Has anyone overseas seen The Rock In Rio DVD? It won’t be released Stateside until July 30. To bad about Clive Burr. Up the Irons!