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Testadrol 50 Info?

Does anyone know anything about Testadrol 50? I have never taken any kind of pro-hormone or anabolic steriod before. Friend said it was working pretty good for him. I have been lifting for about six months, 25 yeard old, 6’0, 195 lbs. If you know of any links or additional info, hook it up

Assuming it works at all. The written product descritions are mumbo jumbo with made up names.

After it changes from pro-something into something… is that something HPTA repressive. Does is aromatize into estrogens?

Do you know what the sides are? Will it stress the liver and push up HDL?

Is a PCT required and how do you know if that is needed or not? What are your PCT plans? Will you have the PCT drugs in-hand before starting?

How will you cycle this stuff?

Just because an oral seems simple and easy, does not mean that you need to know less about a huge amount of issues that need to be understood to intelligenly use gear.

Some young guys taking the latest round of pro-mumbo-jumbo products have lost their libido long term; with generally f*cked up hormone systems. You cannot do research on these things that backs up to understandings revealed by clinical trials or research results.

These things are not vitamins.