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Test250 and Eq


I just picked up a 50 day supply of the both of these at a shot every 5 days and was wondering what everyone thought would be the best way to use them. I think it's pretty obvious I don't know shit. As far as goals I'd like to gain 15+LBS AND BE AS STRONG AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE>{i dont know why i"m typing in caps now}this is my first cycle and i have access to pretty much whatever> thanks in advance


I usually don't post in the steroid forum, mostly because I haven't used AAS, don't plan on it for at least another couple of years, and haven't done one lick of learnin' about them.

But, I am kinda familiar with this site, so please let me save everyone else some time:

What is your plan for PCT?
Do you know what you are doing?
How old are you?
How much do you weigh?
How long have you been training?
How much do you plan on eating during this cycle?
Have you done ANY research AT ALL into these incredibly powerful chemicals you're so anxious to just start shooting willy-nilly into your body?

I hope I saved everyone some time.


Where is your PCT?

Do you have any? If not you will be needing this. You said you could get anything, so you need to get some PCT stuff.

Let us know. Also, how much of this stuff do you have?



200mg of each. I was gonna pick up some clomid or hcg.
I'm 5'10" and 170-ish I'm not gonna lie, I'm doin it because I'm tired of gettin up to 180, missin a couple of meals and drinkin a few beers and droppin back down to 165 in about a week and a half [I'm not exaggerating].I wanna hit 190 and go from there.


You are hilarious. You are using AAS because of your own laziness to maintain a simple diet and healthy lifestyle.

There is definately something wrong with this picture. You have been training for 3 years, can't even maintain 180 naturally, and claim to be a personal trainer (I read your profile). I feel sorry for your clients. Try changing your routine or training parameters, this site is filled with info for a reason, I suggest you take advantage of this before you ever cycle anything.


Don't know you bro but I am going to be blunt:
Even if you use AAS (you dont have much) you still have to be dedicated to LIFT HEAVY,
I type this again, LIFT HEAVY!!!!
You can't go to the gym do some curls then leave. Some people think they can take a shot a week then go to the gym and lift like a bitch and see gains. Whatever!!!!!
Along with lifting heavy you have got to eat to feed those sore, recovering muscles. PROTEIN SHAKES!!!!!!
AAS is not a magic shot or pill. I don't think you have the mind set to gain and sustain. You have got to have the dedication to see it thru.

Let me ask you this: Why go to the gym and waste time and money?

Just my opinion. Sorry for being as ass, but I just got back from a workout at 6:30 on a Sunday night, while you were on the couch eating chips and drinking your beer.



stop talkin shit kid. I eat 400cals a day most days. i take care of myself. I don't drink everyday. I'm sayin if I slack off for a few days i lose a good bit.


No kid here bro. Why slack????????
IMO its wasted time.



And you wonder why you're losing weight?


some possible factors contributing to your dwarfish frame.

your training intensity sucks.
your training splits suck.
your calorie intake is too low.
your calories come from crap sources.
you don't get sufficient rest.
you make excuses.
you are not dedicated enough.

just guesses there bro....but the general tone and excuse making in your posts just screams out slacker and/or lack of discipline.

AAS is not for you at the moment. it is not a quick fix or shortcut. you are a prime candidate to lose 100% of your gains post cycle because you lack the know how of making and maintaining gains naturally.


I smell bullshit


Thanks Juice. Glad I wasn't the only person reading between the lines.

Whats up Dezz? You smell it too? I think Snipeout calls that a Troll!!!!

Did Raul change his name again?????????




Why are you callin me a troll? I don't go to the gym and do curls. I bench 305 [no pause] squat 365, hangclean 235 and I have no idea what I dead. I'm askin how I should use what I have, and you're all talkin' shit.

I understand where ya'll are comin from, but know the whole story before you call me a cake. The past month has been really hectic with my girl and I splittin' up [after just gettin a place together] and switchin jobs while tryin to get back in school. I'm not makin excuses, but I've had alot on my mind. For those that are willin' to help, thanks.


Sorry, I meant 44cals MOST days


one more time 4000cals daily



Your title of the post says Test 250 and EQ, but you mentioned that you had 200 mgs of each. Are they both 200mg or 250 test and 200 EQ?

You said you had 50 day supply. How much do you have?

Willing to help bro, but need more info.

Is sounds as though you only have a 6 or 7 week supply, but at only 200 or 250 mg per week. This is not enough. Also, you WILL need the PCT gear with what you are going thru in your personal life, trust me. You will crash hard mentally and physically without it. You do not need this now.

Tell me what you got and we will draw it up.

Let me know, I am at your command.

Lift Heavy,



This may be harsh, so I will apologize in advance. You don't need AAS, seriously. You can't be consistent with your diet and training and you allow things to distract you from training. This is not a reason to run out and get juice. Don't be stupid.

You don't even have to try hard to gain and maintain 180 or 190, all you have to do is train hard and heavy. I know this for a fact, for a long time I thought I couldn't gain weight. As soon as I switched to powerlifting, I gained weight like crazy and was eating like crap. But I was eating, that's the point. I used the same diet my son at the time was on, if I can fit in my mouth, eat it.

I weighed 150 five years ago, and now I way 200 without even trying. Drinking and partying has nothing to do with it. Do the work and leave the juice alone for now. What's the rush? Where are you going? Shut up about your girlfriend leaving you and starting a new job. Big fucking deal, act like a goddamn man and stop crying. Your girlfriend leaving you is probably the best thing that could have happened to you. I'll never understand you single guys and your "girlfriend" problems. Makes me want to slap the estrogen out of your sorry ass. Bottom line, the only juice you need is apple juice.




Damn Lifter1, I read that and now I'm pissed off and even more inspired than I already was..

I have to say that it is MUCH more emotionally draining to be IN a relationship than to be single.. Us single guys have it easy! No bitches telling us what we can and can't do..

Anyhow...Today is the death circuit, time to get SPIKEDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!



I have 2 bottles of each at 200mg each bottle. I inject once every 5 days at 1cc[20mg] of each. Now that I'm reading what I'm writing I feel like this is not enough.


Lifter one, shut the fuck up.