I keep reading T200 (not T2, Testosterona200) is effective for 2-4 weeks, but does it take this long to get any benefit out of it? Also, since it takes two weeks for it to take effect, would a 2 week high dosage cycle work at all?

Cy and I had this discussion once. It stays active in the system for that long, but not at any real benefit. Meaning, it is only detectable in the system. No, it doesn’t take two weeks to take effect, it starts working within a few days. If you want to see a real benefit; Do 1000mg per week for two weeks. Or do 600mg per week for 12-16 weeks, with 50mg clomid daily during cycle and continueing with 50mg daily for 2-3 weeks post cycle.

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Would Tribex 500 be as good as clomid with this type of cycle? What about the following:
First 10 days-600mg
2nd 10 days-800mg
3rd 10 days 300mg
with tribex 500, 3 a day?

The long acting test ester are not appropriate for short two week cycles. The half life is just too long. It would be better to use something that is in and out of the system much quicker. Test propionate or acetate would work much better. I agree that T 200 does not produce a great effect for 3-4 weeks but I think that slower taper would those make the two week cycle more like a four week cycle and there will be a greater chance of testicular shutdown. But if you got the T200 then just slamm it but be sure to have some clomid nearby

Sorry did not see your other post. There is no need to pyramid the dosage I would start off highest dossage first, maybe 1000mg the first week and then back off a bit. And no I do not think tribex is strong enough in this case I would definitly get some clomid, maybe HCG too while your at it.
Good luck

Sounds like you want a 30 day cycle. If that is what you want, its fine, but no reason to taper up and down. Just go 500mg, 400mg, 400mg, 400mg (this is every seven days and is the same 1700mg you stated) Its better to load though, so a better one would be 1000mg, 700mg (every seven days, two weeks cycle). Your Tribex formula is too low. If you can only access Tribex, use 5-6 twice a day at the end of your two week cycle or mid-four week cycle and continue for 4-6 weeks post cycle.

The reason I was going to do a 2 week cycle or 30 days is because in 35 days I leave to boot camp for 11 weeks… So I am thinking I might just wait till I get back… but I wish there was something I could take before I left that would keep me strong during boot camp without losing all my muscle.

PoonDogg, You’ll just have to grin and bear it. I was in the military years ago, and it’s bad news for the bod. They have crap food and you only eat 3 times a day. After boot camp, you’ll be able to have free time to go lift and eat more often. The best advice I can give you is to try and eat as much meat, fruit and drink as much milk as you can. The rest of the food is usually really bad. I lost 10lbs of lean in 8 weeks of bootcamp.