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I recently read an article online that says that your own dna specific testosterone works better than synthetic testosterone for some reason… anyone ever heard about this ?

No proof here but I can see the reasoning behind it. Kind of like transplants and the like. The body is smarter than we give it credit sometimes at IDing a fake and the real deal. It just may turn away some of the synthetic stuff due to it not being a match to what it is used to deaming it an imposter and / or a possible harmfull foreign compound.

Technically, the testosterone molecule and its injectable esters (propinoate, enanthanate, undecanoate or cypionate) which are hydrolized into testostorne are essentially a molecule that can be no more dna specific than it is possible to have better O2 for your red blood cells.

What could possibly exist would be Androgen Receptors that bind Test more thighly and then would also bind to the DNA sequences more thightly and induce more transcription. Then again, this would be like designing better red blood cell to better transport O2.

Then again, what is better or more specific testosterone. Personnaly, I would prefer if my steroids had relatively low androgenic activity and be highly anabolic and go for more synthetic versions or you could be in need of increase strenght and energy and go for a more androgenic compound like testosterone and its derivatives (with the androgenic side effects).

So short answer: NO, the article, the way you presented it, makes no pharmacological sense. Was this in any way, shape or form published in any thing that might be considered peer-reviewed?

Hope this helps,