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Test Your Knowledge



Here, go test out your vocabulary and feed some people at the same time. Everyone on this board is a self-proclaimed genius so we can probably end hunger if just a few of you participate.

lvl 37 @ 2000 grains (Yea I had nothing to do between my pre workout meal, and heading to the gym).


This site is pretty cool. Gives some good incentive to improve your vocabulary.


level 40 - 1010 grains of rice.


40 at 1330 grains


I think I will try and get 1000 grains whenever I am bored, maybe make it a pre workout ritual. I doubt it will increase my vocabulary too much though, morelikely I will just start to know the answer to every question because the pool is so limited. (Well I can get some rice faster that way)


Does it ever stop? My highest level was 44 a couple of times but it kept knocking me back. Some of those words are impossible.


I e-mailed this site to my father yesterday; I bet he comes back with a 46-48. He's an attorney with quite a reading habit.

I got it up to 46, but usually stick around 39-43.


I don't think it stops. I got it to 42 and then ended up down at 35, I figured I'd quit while I was ahead at 40...


1000 grains at level 33.


50 is the highest, it explains how everything works if you check the FAQ section. I've gone from 32-42, but I'm usually around 37. Your best way to get rice quickly though would be to intentionally get a bunch wrong to put you on a low level, then quickly answer the simple questions for a while.


I thought the same thing. I got to 41. When it started going down, I stopped.


Well, your wrong about everyone being self-proclaimed. We all know that Varqanir, Boston Barrister and Pookie (Pookie come back!) are far more knowledgable than most of us, of me, I'm sure. JeffR is sharp as are Rainjack; Zap is an engineer and very sharp. Lots of guys here are geniuses. Anyway, on to the test...


I'm still here.




lv 26. Time to read up.

cockloft means:


That made my day.


hey thanks I've been meaning to improve my vocabulary.


Got it to 45 and then got bored of it after it was going up and down without an end in sight...might try again later and donate more rice.


41 @ 1020, got as high as 44 and as low as 35. Who else knew what a carabao was?(waterbuffalo, used to catch them with my pitbull in Guam)


I knew. I used to live in Guam too.

The ones that fucked me over from going above 45 were 'vecto' and 'recto' or some shit like that, meaning 'right-handed page' and 'left-handed page'. Who the fuck would know that?