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Test/Winstrol vs. Test/Anavar

Just looking for some suggestions from people with experience with both. Pros and cons of the 2? Better at building the dry toned muscle look?

For overall safety and good gains, anavar. For dick-thin skin and more risks, winstrol.

See I guess I’m uniformed… I figured since winstrol didnt convert into estrogen then it would have less risk… and I also hear anavar is one of the most faked/underdosed compounds out there…

All things equal, meaning you have legit clean properly doses anavar and winstrol, anavar is probably an all around safer and more productive route. HOWEVER the chances of getting good anavar are slim plus if you do the money you spend is not proportional to the returns you get. Dollar for dollar the winstrol will probably give you more results in the strength, cutting and even possibly the gaining department.
That assessment is for just the anavar or winstrol. When you mix in the test that changes stuff.

Both the anavar and winstrol are DHT based so they will both help with strength, cutting, hardening and probably most importantly they will keep your gains cleaner and of better quality. It’s really a toss up of which one will give you more final lasting quality gains after PCT when run with test. Neither one of them will convert to estrogen. Both have similar highly anabolic to Androgenic ratios yet neither one is a great gainer, both kind of weird like that. The gains you do get are quality and they both definitely help with strength. Winstrol will help more with speed. Anavars unique quality is it helps your skin look tighter when you cut. So really unless you are walking across stage there isnt anything anavar does that can not be gotten with other compounds at a better price.

If you are looking for a strong influencer to help you make you decision I have a rant I will share. Think about this if you have never tried either winstrol or anavar and you decide to try anavar first you could end up really liking the results and sticking with it for future cycles. The thing is that anavar is usually substituted with winstrol or winstrol with dbol. So if you take anavar first then like it and continue to pay anavar prices for a few cycles then finally decided to try winstrol and realized that your anavar had been winstrol all along you are going to be kicking yourself for paying all that extra money. So I always advise (provided your healthy with good cholesterol) that a person should try winstrol first that way they know what it is like. Later when you have established a good source that you trust to send actual anavar then see if you like it better. That last part of my rants is when trying to source any exotic or higher priced compound you should always start with a labs basic compounds like test, EQ, deca if you are willing to try it. If that have iffy or shitty test then their anavar will be who knows what. Even if their test is great that still doesn’t mean their anavar will be good it just means there is a better chance of it being good. The same goes for primo, tren, masteron all of the higher priced compounds, always start with the less expensive stuff when developing a new source.

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I appreciate it man… very informative. I will more than likely run the winny +test e. I’ve heard sometimes oral winstrol can be kind of weak… idk maybe just certain tablets from certain sources… 50mg daily sound about right?

50 mg a day is kind of “the dose” but things to consider first. Oral winstrol has a 8-9 hour half life. If I were you since you are new to it, play with how you dose it and the timing. Try smaller doses at morning, lunch and before the gym and try one big dose before gym. See which one seems to give you better results. You will probably notice more energy with the big dose before the gym but you need to also look at overall progress, gains, fat loss, new definition, ect. There is nothing wrong with starting at a lower dose like 25mgs and moving up or even seeing if the 25mgs dose something for you. It’s not that oral winstrol is weak it is that the injectable just produces better results because more of it is bio available at a steadier rate. The standard injectable dose is 50mgs every other day and with a 24 hour half life that means 25mgs gets broken down and used the first 24 hours.

Injectable winstrol is 95% of the time suspended in bacteriostatic water. Well it’s supposed to be bacteriostatic water but UGLs sometimes just used distilled water. Lots of labs have issues with producing a sterile water suspended injectable winstrol. You are smart to start with the oral version. Now the injectable does produce better results but like I said it’s roulette with getting an abscess or infection. There are a few UGLs that make oil based injectable winstrol but usually its not steadily available.

Remember to take some milk thistle or TUDCA when using any oral. It helps keep your liver flushed and something to do with antioxidants helping protect it. Dont run the winstrol for more than about 6 weeks. If you want to run it longer then I would start at a lower dose then move up a little every week or so. If you do that then still do not go past 8 weeks. Also since it is harsh on cholesterol if you can take some apple pectin that helps keep the arteries clear. That old saying about an apple a day keeps the doctor away actually has some truth! The apple pectin can be found at vitamin stores but usually not GNC. I have always had to order my TUDCA online.


Winstrol was amazing minus the joint pain. I had to make myself get off the treadmill. I could run forever. My strength gains were unbelievable too and I kept all of them (on trt though). Even my veins had veins.

I remember hearing on the TOT Revolution podcast that anavar is the most faked and that many people pass off winstrol as anavar since it’s cheaper and many folks won’t know the difference. No experience with it though. They also said it was less effective than winstrol but everyone here seems to love it so who knows.

Yes winstrol does have some joint pain issues associated with it however I believe a good portion of those have to do with not allowing enough estrogen to be in the system. Estrogen has a natural anti inflammatory and pain relief quality to it. Guys tend to try and dry out when they cut using winstrol and that whole drying out will make your joints hurt with or without winstrol in the mix. But of course there are some that just have joint pain because that winstrol molecule goes and attaches or at least has stronger influence where the estrogen would have provided joint lubrication, and pain relief, DHTs are just stronger influencers like that.

Depending on what exactly you want out of it I really couldn’t say weather winstrol or anavar is stronger per say. (It would also depend on which characteristic you were comparing) Hell I can’t even say for sure that I have run anavar, but it think I have. Part of people thinking winstrol is stronger probably has something to do with most actual anavar being under dosed. If you ever meet an AIDS patient see if they are prescribed anavar and see if they want to let it go because I think that is the only way to for sure get actual properly doses anavar then compare to winstrol.

Winstrol is pretty affordable per mg and I would even bet more than a few UGLs put out over dosed winstrol just not being extremely picky with their measurements because it just doesn’t cost that much. Heck it’s actually cheaper than deca per mg and how often is deca faked or under dosed.

I liked anavar, but my results were not applicable to many others. I used it for a long time, at a good dose, right when I started trt. Looking back it’s impossible to know what was working for me since I was going from a low testosterone state to trt.

For the money it’s hard to justify it. If you could use winstrol and know that you would avoid the joint pain then I think nobody would ever use anavar again. But it’s got a place in the toolbox for some of us.