Test, Winstrol, Dbol

I’ll keep this brief, thought I’d get a few more opinions on this, and also just kinda wanted to share what I’m doing.

Test E - 1g/week
Dbol - 50mg/day
Winstrol - 50mg/day

Goal is strength, specifically as it relates to strongman. So some level of conditioning is necessary. As far as bodyweight goes, I could gain 10-15 lbs and still be able to make weight.

I came up with this cycle because A) I have plenty of test on hand so I can run it high without having to worry about running out. B) I wanted something that would be effective quickly.

I signed up for a strongman show that’s right at a month away. I don’t really feel like I gave myself as much time as I would have liked to get ready, but it is what it is. I figured the test will be effective quickly enough (I’ve already pinned 1g twice), and started the dbol a week ago, winny earlier this week.

So here’s what I’m considering. I’m 4 weeks out from this competition, so obviously I’ll be able to run this cycle as-is through that, no problem. What I’m THINKING about doing, is maintaining these doses and doing a second strongman show near the end of September. It’ll basically be 8 weeks on the winny, 9 weeks on the dbol. Anybody see an issue with that? I don’t really want to come off of either one right before the second show. That wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

Also considering adding in 50mg Epistane, just for funsies, since I have it on hand. Thoughts? Anything else you guys would add?

how’d your joints tolerate Epistane? mine were rough…

Superdrol is pretty amazing for rapid gains, IMO. my body just did not tolerate the side effects from it well, tho…

I’ve considered superdrol before. A few people have suggested it. I definitely worry about the sides though. How long and at what dose would you run it?

Yea the Epistane can be rough on the joints. Sometimes it’s been ok, sometimes it hasn’t. I figured the dbol might counteract that sufficiently, but with winny in the mix, I wasn’t sure. I’ll likely leave the Epi out for now, particularly since my joints aren’t really loving me as it is.

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i believe i ran it around 15 mg/day a couple times (did it normally come in 5 mg/caps?)… i never made it over 2 weeks, tho. i felt like shit, and it got worse every day i was on it… but, i seemed to get leaner, bigger and more vascular by the day, too. some guys don’t feel nearly as bad as i did, tho…

Only concern i would have is with winnys effect on Lipids

However you get regular bloodwork and once you discontinue use you should see everything go back to normal

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yea, I’m not particularly concerned with Lipids, since it’s only a few weeks longer than ‘standard’ for an oral. I’ve never gotten bloodwork back that showed elevated lipids, and I’ve run stronger compounds (halo).

I like winny. Never noticed any joint pain or anything like that from it.

You could throw in some IPam/ CJC, or lose dose GH to help out with the joints?

Hi, sorry to bring this back up but how did this go for you?, I was planning on doing the same but doing 40/40 and 600 T, I haven’t taken anything for the past 5 months as I’ve had an injury and would like to bounce back. Did you manage to run the full duration of this cycle?

Have you taken winstrol before? Many consider it to be hard on the joints, if using for strongman theoretically (and some data does actually suggest the compound makes collagen/connective tissue more brittle IF I RECALL correctly) could predispose you to injury

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