Test/Winstrol Cycle

So here we go guys. the goal of this cycle is to put on lean muscle tissue while also keeping water retention and estrogenic sides at a minimum. Ive read that winstrol is great to add in the latter half of the cycle to help dry out the water put on from test. I would like to know if anyone has ran a winstrol cycle and what version of test they used.
Here is my mock cycle;
Weeks 1-10 Test Prop Pin Eod Mon/Weds/Fri/Sun 125mg per pin
Weeks 6-10 Winstrol 50mg/day
Weeks 12-15 Standard Pct Nolvadex 40/40/20/20
Weeks 1-10 Adex 0.25/eod or should I hold off on Adex until symptoms of gyro start to show?

I feel this is good and I can expect gains of 10-12 pounds and be able to maintain it post cycle. If you have a better recommendation than winstrol feel free to share. Not totally convinced on winstrol due to the pain it causes to joints. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

I took Sustanon for my first cycle and my nipples began to get puffy towards the end (could be due to putting on excess water), but never seemed to completely flare out. Is there a higher percentage of getting it on my 2nd cycle even if I keep my test the same as before?

how’s the winstrol fit in this cycle? does it match well with my goals?

Haven’t taken winstrol, but would use mast over it. You can also run it the whole cycle. Should have a mild AI effect meaning unless your test is very high, or you produce a lot of E2, or you are sensitive to E2, you won’t need an AI.

Just to be clear, when u say mast u mean mast e right?(I mean to say this in the most respectful way possible) I’ve read tons of articles on mast and each one talks about different dosing. Some say higher than test at numbers of 400mast and 250test and some say 500test 500mast. Could a cycle of test e at 500 and mast e at 300/ per week work. I know you have to pin mast pretty frequently, but I heard mast e has a longer half life. Thanks for the help

You could use masteron p or masteron e. mast p is going to require more frequent pinning, e less frequent pinning.

If it is me, I would buy mast e as it will have a similar half life to test e (I run test e nowadays). It is also usually dosed at 200 mg/ml verses mast p at 100 mg/ml (usually mast p is only like 20% cheaper per vial, but you get half the amount which is a rip off). If you are running test prop, you can mix mast prop or mast e into the same syringe for 1 pin EOD. It is unnecessary to pin mast e EOD, but if you are already pinning test prop it isn’t going to hurt anything (other than some PIP lol).

300 mg per week is considered by many as around the minimum effective dose for mast. Many do cycles in the 300-500 mg per week range.

I would not use winny if I could get mast (I wouldn’t use winny regardless due to training for strength, and not wanting the joint issues). They will have a similar effect on physique, but mast will have you feeling much better with respect to energy, libido, joint pain. It also will probably not hit the cholesterol or liver as hard as winny (it will impact cholesterol a bit).

@studhammer runs it year round for his TRT to help with libido.

being this is only my 2nd cycle I think running mast at the lowest dose could be effective. I can still make gains on just test so the synergy between the two must be impeccable when combined. How does this cycle look?
Weeks 1-10 Test e 500mg/wk
Weeks 1-10 Mast e 300/wk
Weeks 12-15 Pct Nolva 40/40/20/20
and no ai is needed because the masteron will cancel out the androgenic effects of the test I read? is that correct, or should an ai still be ran on this cycle but just at a very minimal dose. Have u run a mast cycle yet? if so what were some of the things you noticed? Ive heard masteron is good for drying you out but when you come off will you stay that lean?

Everything here looks good except starting PCT at week 12. I would encourage you to wait at least one more week. You will still have a good amount of androgens in your body after two weeks. Your body will be less likely to restart with high androgens.

Masteron will increase androgenic effects. It will reduce estrogenic sides (maybe that is what you meant?). I would have extra nolva on hand. It will not lower estrogen, but block estrogen from acting on breast tissue. It is superior IMO to using an AI (it is a SERM). You could keep an AI on hand in case other estrogen effects become to extreme. I would start out with a low dose if you need it (something like .25 mg twice a week of adex). I would not start off using it, as your UGL test may be fake, under dosed, or the masteron might lower your E2 more than you think, causing a crash (not fun). Other reason is that AIs will lower GH and IGF-1 production, with are good for gains.

Masteron will have a synergistic effect with Testosterone. It is known to lower SHBG, which will cause an increase in free test (the test that actually matters).

Not yet. Just a good amount of research. I have only run Test C and E and Anavar. Also MK-677, but that is just a peptide.

This is true. Generally the drier the gains the more they will stay.

the source for the mast e looks very sketchy. Might do mast p just because I know I can get the legit stuff. Just to be clear on mast p a pinning cycle would be like
Test e pin 250mg every Monday Thursday
Mast P pin 75mg Mon/Weds/Fri/Sat
The half life is 2 days so would 4 days be good to pin in a week or should I go down to mon/thurs/sunday 100mg/per pin?

Mast P is fine. If you haven’t ordered everything yet, you could run Test P with it. Propionate estered compounds are usually a bit more expensive, but that isn’t the main concern.

If you run propionate for both, I would just do EOD on them. I would also use load one syringe for both to reduce the pinning. If you go with prop for both, you only need to wait 8-10 days for PCT which is an advantage IMO.

I heard test p hurts like a bitch. Might just say f it because it would make the pinning a hell of a lot easier. so in that case I would start my pct right at week 12 and stick to the nova 40/40/20/20. Ill buy Adex and keep it on hand just I case but won’t use until I start seeing lumpiness. I will update the forum when I ordered the stuff. Im planning on still doing 10weeks Test P at 500mg and mast p at 300mg pinning each respectively eod.

This seems like a good plan to me. Test P reportedly does hurt more. Can’t comment much more than that as I haven’t tried it.