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Test & Winstrol... AI?


Running just Test E 500mg currently but want to run Test-C 500mg with just 20mg of oral Winny.

Will I need an AI? I got 2 bottles of armidex on hand
How strong is the AI properties of winstrol?
I also have liv.52 how often should I take that to reduce liver toxicity!?



You should have already been on the AI. Winny doesn’t aromatize nearly as much as some other orals. 20mg seems like a pretty small dose. And based on your other post you need to learn a lot more about these drugs before you do anything.


Some articles I have read say you don’t need ai some say you do. There is so much conflicting info out there.
If I knew the answer I wouldn’t ask.
I was running .25 Adex eod and I felt really anxious and my scalp was itchy as fuck so I stopped taking it. Took it for like 2 weeks.


Like for a test only cycle at 500mg some articles said you do some say you don’t. I know for higher dosages Like 750 or extra add-ons like dbol they say to add it but I was confused on what to think for just 500mg.


Youll need bloodwork to determine if you do or not, there is so much conflicting info because everyone is different so you have to find out what is best for you and not joe shmo on the internet.