Test While Off Training

If you were to do imaging on a random number of people over 40 years old you’d find plenty that have bulging/herniated discs they were completely oblivious to because of lack of pain. If your pain was managed and reduced you could actually start a decent rehabilitation protocol which would include lifting weights and hopefully getting you back to work.


exactly…there was a danish study on this. dont have source on hand. herniations are HARMLESS and not the root cause of sciatic nerve pain.

the pain is slightly less and less every single day, my only problem picking stuff up or bending.
it literally feels like my spine cannot support my upper body i have to lunges to grab anything bellow belt , if i could figure out a way to change this id be back on my feet

my mental state is pretty hard to shake, and the pain is very real man , you think im faking pain so i cant pickup my daughter ? i could fight it and pretend it doesnt hurt but for the next 3 days id be fucked in bed

hey man…time will show. if its truly just acute, resolves and never comes back…
according to Sarno the pain has real physical cause (blood ischemia) but the root cause is mental
anyways…good luck. something you might want to come back in the future, i would not be talking about this if i did not went through a similar case

what about direct inflammation causing the pain? when i take anti inflammatories the pain subsides greatly, almost like a casual sore back from a hard days work but i can still do my tasks.
but taking anti inflammatories daily makes me constipated and bloated, also hard on the liver.
in the inflammation a permanent reoccurence or ita because its still kinda fresh? this happened May 25, so not even 3 weeks yet actually ,
first week was crippled,
second i could walk
now im doing pushups and pullups
hopefully more progress by next week also

remind me you had only a CT scan? they can’t show herniations. all they can show is reduced spaced between vertebrae. if NSAID’x work this might be indeed good news and this is acute.
i think you will be out of this quickly
btw boc157/tb500 are pretty cheap on various peptide sides, definitely injectables, i would give a try on this

no scans just multiple xrays that showed no bone tissue damage and reduced space between L4 & L5 , they showed me and its super thin, doctor said that my disc was thin before-hand either from a younger injury or birth defect, but its exactly there where the pain is.
can i pick those up at a walmart/shoppers drug mart?
and what do you mean by injectables?

there is cheaper options out there, not particularly recommending this site
you will also need insulin needles, and bacterostatic water. injections are usually 2x a day at 250mcg or so subq. do some math. 5 mg will go 10 days in that scenario which should show some improvement

This was not the point I was trying to make and do not agree that the root cause of a herniated disc pinching, aggravating and inflaming your piriformis nerve is caused by mental or emotional instability.

How will taking a SARM help his condition if the root cause of his pain is mental in nature (according to your previous posts)? Perhaps he’d be better off seeing a psychiatrist for his back pain.

OP, I still think you should see a qualified therapist that knows what he’s doing and can help relieve the pain. A couple of visits could go a long way.

I also think you’re lifting technique in the gym may need some improvement so it would be wise to have your heavy compound lifts looked at by a competent coach or online community and avoid any silly or unnecessary lifts that could further aggravate your back, such as situps.


bpc157 is not a sarm, and there have been tons of reports it helping for acute injuries.
i agree that it is somewhat premature to point a root cause of his pain, at least till he is past the acute stage. if this turns chronic i would definitely explore my previous statements.

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I stand corrected.

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found a free version of the book, read a bit, been doing the mind over body thing. i hit the gym today arms only , still hurt but oddly enough if i focus on strict form and flex my abs hard enough my extensions and curls are almost pain except for heavy weights, any recommendations cuz i need to stay in shape, losing gym and work has had such a bad impact on my mental health i needed it to keep going and now im qt home getting chubby, lost my abs, my veins, my peaks etc, strenght is still there tho

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ill be staying awsy from compounds for a few months i think, i tried the gym today, isolated arms and shoulders with minimal pain, i think ill be sticking to medium weight 10 reps range for now multiple sets , idk if ill make any gains but atleast ill stay in shape, any suggestions?

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they way i approached this when my sciatic pain was at its worst, initially i avoided a lot of back stuff etc, and focused on isolated movements. but eventually i told myself ‘fuck this’, there is really nothing fundamentally wrong with my back and started doing compunds, like dead lifts, squats etc.
what happened initially is that i had some flareups, but within a week or so they all suddenly disappeared completely. i think the key is to understand that whatever is going in your back, it is pretty benign and the pain does not stand in any proportion to the problem.

how many weeks from the injury did you wait before lifting heavy again? i was able to touch my toes this morning without supporting my hand on my knees or wall
also just curious why youd say theres nothing inherently wrong while having a blown disc ? isnt that cushion?
i tried seated shoulder press and the weight bearing down was too much at even 120lbs

it took me 2-3 months, but only after I discovered sarno, had i found him earlier i would have not waited a second
my basic understanding is that a herniated disc can not cause any nerve pain. the nerve has plenty of reserve, and there is even question if it could be compressed, if it would cause that type of pain which causes sciatica. studies could not confirm this.
even mainstream who buys into this questions how this can happen. i’ve heard many mainstream theories on this, one of them is that the material which squeezed out of the disc causes some sort of inflammation around the nerve.
my first sciatic pain was pretty bad in the AM but then got better. this was explained by my mainstream doc that the discs swell at night (true) and the pressure is bigger in the AM on the nerve due the herniation. but now get this, when I had my second episode a year later, it was exactly the opposite, AM i had 0 pain, and by 12noon or so i started having really bad leg burning sensation. it started clicking in my brain that something doesn’t match here and thats when i started to dig deeper.
now disc herniations are obviously not ideal, but virtually everyone has them at some age.