Test While Off Training

About 3 weeks ago i hurt myself at work in the morning and kept working through it till the end of shift, then decided to do back day at the gym , as i was doing bent over rows i felt a sharp pain on set #2 , so i called it quits early that day , next day went to work and picked up a roll to put on my shoulders (about 100lbs) which is usually easy as fuck and i crippled to the ground, went to the doctors and found out i have a herniated disc between L4 & L5.

now ive been off work, out of gym and basically laying down all month and i still cant bend down to pick up anything (i can finally walk again)

i was on anadrol and test when this happened and dropped the anadrol since. over the course of these 3 weeks instead of losing mass, water and weight i actually put on 20lbs, now im a chubby crippled fuck.

my question is should i drop the test as well? i kept it going because i hoppedit would enhance my bodies natural healing and keep a certain level of muscle (people with naturally low test have naturally small muscles and vice versa without working out)
should i cut it?
should i up it?
what dose should i do?
any recommemdations on dealing with this whole situation, its really taking a tole on my mental health i heavily dependend on the gym as an anti depressant and now i feel like i look worst than when i started

a bit off topic won’t go to deep into it here. most likely your disc herniation has ZERO relation to your injury pain
read this

your back pain on the other hand is likely a simple muscle strain, maybe try some BPC157 to speed up recovery? if you are not on TRT i prob would stop the T

Testosterone levels impact muscle size to a degree, but within the natural spectrum of testosterone levels it isn’t as big of a difference as many believe. If compared to genetics it is a small factor. A guy with genetics to be muscular will be a lot more muscular with bottom of the range testosterone levels compared to a guy with skinny genetics at the top of the range.

Do you cycle? Do you blast and cruise? Perma blast? If the first one, I’d probably drop it. Second and third options, I’d drop down to TRT levels for you (what gets you to top of the range).

This is the type of stuff I’d be researching if I was in your position and was looking for something to speed recovery.

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i was pretry convinced the pain was from the hernia because i cant move at all and my sciatic nerve is being affected so my legs, ass and lower back are in huge pain,
i also noticed that if i flex my abs super tight the pain nearly disappears, so i wear a support belt for now,
im doing alot of stretching etc but its already been 3 weeks and i still cant even put on socks alone.

can i cruise at 300mg weekly ?

i blast and cruise , blast between 600-800mg weekly , then drop it down to 400mg for a few weeks
also, to my knowledge testosterone is responsible for alot of healing factors, wouldnt a higher test amount to a faster recovery?

to your previous comment; according to dr Sarno there is no connection (its counter intuitive i get it). you need to read that book and draw your own conclusions, which I recommend BEFORE going any mainstream path. thank me later
higher test (or any test) won’t do shit for you, in either scenario

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I could be wrong here, but I think it results in faster recovery of muscle tissue, but I don’t think it does a whole lot for joints, tendons, etc… Some AAS do promote healing of these tissues (EQ and Anavar are supposed to increase collagen production for example), but to a small degree compared to other non AAS alternatives.

I’d drop to 200 mg/wk. I’d look to stuff like BPC-157 or HGH over AAS. I am not saying that I recommend using them. I don’t know enough about them at this point. If I was in your position, that is what where I’d start researching based on what I’ve heard.

it’s definitely not just a sprained or strained muscle , i work hard labor and know what strained muscles are this directly impacts my sciatic nerve and impedes movement , the pain is intense as fuck i was shaking with tears on a walker last week , how can you say its a muscle strain instead of a hernia?
i cant afford bpc157 or the book ive been off work for 3 weeks now im rationing veggie crackers so i dont starve right now

how long do these injuries usually last? i feel like if i take another week ill lose my job but theres no way i can lift anything at work, i can barely go up and down steps

I don’t think there is an answer to that. I’ve seen people with bulged disks recover fairly quickly (like back to lifting in a few months, but able to work within a month), I’ve also seen it go on for years and eventually require surgery.

Have you gotten any imaging done on it? I’d think that would be a good first step. Then I’d want a few expert opinions on it.

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doctors wont do any scans but ive seen 2 diferent doctors and 1 chiro
doctor 1 didnt give a fuck - said it was a muscle sprain, ill be good in 3 days, prescribed naproxen & sent me home.
doctor 2 said she didnt understand how doctor 1 came to that conclusion but its obviously my disc putting pressure on my sciatic nerve, they did an xray, seen no damage to bones, more naproxen and muscle relaxants, sent me home saying to wait it out.
went to a chiropractor, more xrays, he seen that i had a bulged disc

so i cant even do isolation workouts or like seated curls etc? i can do pullups i did a my usual navy seal 200 pull up workout 3 days ago and i was fine except sore forearms from not doing anything for so long

You need an MRI and a proper diagnosis.


what good would that do though, theres only 2 possible outcomes
1 its a hernia
2 its just a bulged disc so itll recover faster
either way i had to pay for these scans outta pocket due to no insurance and im broke now without a job because of this injury so this isnt an option

In that case why even go to the doctor? They can’t tell you anything about your injury anymore than we can without actually seeing a proper image and having the knowledge to properly diagnose it.

because sometimes (alot of times) doctors are actually quite shit. how many times have i seen 1 pull out webMD to lookup symptoms , or tell me im overexagerting the pain, or that i should be good for work the next day.
these people are delusional they spent 30 years in a locked room studying old medicine. they arent socially aware of the real hard work us men do every day and then hit the gym, the heaviest they lift is maybe 30lbs, i throw jnto the air 100lbs rolls and land them on my shoulder to go up a ladder, 50x , then swing a sledge for 6 hours, them pick those rolls back up to lay them down , they have no idea.
which is why im asking for opinions from hardened men, ive asked men before how to deal with certain injuriws and they came up with the craziest ideas that worked and helped.

i had couple sciatic type pains in the past. the first 1 resolved within 1-2 months or so. came suddenly when i was lifting something. i did typical program, PT/chiro.
year later i had a second one. this one took longer. again PT
a year later i had a third one. dragged for months and months. docs started talking steroid injection/surgery. l4/l5 disc herniaton(MRI). i did some research - epidurals/surgery miserable success rate. started researching, by the grace of God i stumbled upon dr Sarno. I am pain free today.
i just leave it here. you might be lucky and this can suddenly resolve within couple weeks. my last post on this, as i wrote about this many times you can search my profile for a longer explanation

If this is really the case then you should get a decent therapist to do a piriformis release on whichever side of your hips the pain is radiating to. This should give you some relief and not break the bank.

your public profile is hiddem but could you link me to those threads please, id love to read them

is there any actual healing? or is it just pain management? those discs heal or is the pressure just released off the nerve