Test Went Down on Cream

Test Went Down on Creamam 6 mnths ago test levels went from 350 to 497 in first 3 months then at month 6 took another blood test and test went from 497 to 322 free test at month 3 was 35 which had to be a lab error and now it is 6.6. Basically just wasted 6 months slapping cream on and my test is lower then when I started. The doc didn’t have any answer as to why the drop but wanted to put me on DAILY HCg shots. Also during time when test went from 497 to 322 I had switched pharmacies so I’m wondering if the new cream was junk. The dr told me I should have taken the cream the morning of the blood work which from everyone I’ve spoken to is incorrect and poor protocall. Also Hcg daily shots sound foolish. I found another doc who is a supposed expert and he plans to put me on weekly shots of test and said no need for hcg. Appreciate any thoughts on my situation. I am 41 btw thnks