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Test Water Retention Explosion

i just switched to different bottle of test (Andopen 275) and within two weeks i exploded with water retention. i was using IP sustanon at 375mg. so, i went to a lower dose but have water retention like never before. i have an event in two weeks and need to cut the water back and drop 10 lbs.

my question is how can i do this without ordering more gear- like lasix? i don’t have time. i stopped the test over a week ago and am hopping that the water will be gone in two weeks. i wanted to continue with 400mg eq.

do you think it’s possible to lose 10lbs in two weeks? and the water weight?

will eq maintain the water weight? or help lose it?

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Use the search engine I know there are a few articles about cutting up in 7 days or something short like that.
I think Shugart just wrote one a while back.

Clean up your diet.

drink more water, control mineral balance, evaluate carb intake and as said, adex.