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Test, Var, and ECA

So im gona run
1-10 test e - 500 (1 inject/week)
1-4 var - 70mg
1-4 eca - 2 tabs a day
12-14 nolva 20mg

I was just wondering the following.
Would you guys recommend just doing this as a bulk and after this cycle a cut cycle (13% atm).

Or would you guys recommend doing a cut (4weeks with var while running test-e) and then bulking the remaining 8 weeks?

I know about the rules and stuff about dont post roid stuff until more posts but im just here for advice.

If your planning to bulk save the var and eca for a cut imo. If you want to kick start your cycle throw in some test p for 1-5 or dbol 20-50mg… If this is your first cycle 12 weeks of test e @500 inject every 3-4 days, not once a week. That is what I went with. I’m still making gains off test alone so I wont be adding any other compounds til next year and even then one at a time.

Your pct should start in week 13, two weeks after last test E injection and ran for four weeks 40/40/20/20. Stick to either a bulk or cut cycle