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Test Use in a Different Way

First and fore most I realize ahead of time i might get some flame for this post big time and thats ok. Secondly Im not " trolling " just inquiring about a thought process I have been having lately. Please give this a quick read;

So a quick breakdown of everything, a year ago I was planning to start gear ( for aesthetic\personal purposes just to speed things up for myself. ) just before I was going to start things up I got an injury in the Gym, A long theracic Nerve impingement. I have gone through hell with it, seeing orthepedic surgeons, physiotherapist chiropractor ect ect. I am finally coming back to earth with the injury.

What im left with is a shoulder that wants to wing forward all the time due to a weak seratus anterior ( the muscle was cut off from the nerve impingement ).
Im not a big fella, muscle wise, But I love training very much, and recently I’ve had a thought. This is my question.

If I were to do a Test enth cycle like I planned in the past. Focusing my training Primarily on the posterior chain strengthening, Delt strengthening, and other areas lacking heavily. I would still work out my whole body throughout my cycle, as to not neglect other parts of my body, Just putting a primary focus on the muscles that have been left at a deficit.

All of this being said, I hope those who took the time to read this dont think im a total ignorant asshole, because I dont mean to be. I feel that this could help me get my body back to working properly as a whole ( without the imabalances ) again. Has anyone ever used AAS to help recover from a injury before?

Anyways, Enough for one post, Give me some input and ill see whats the idea here.

From my experience as a PT, don’t try and speed up recovery from an injury. Stick to your rehab. Yes taking AAS may speed up muscle growth but you could further damage yourself by creating huge muscle imbalances due to muscles firing wrong which will be a much bigger pain in the ass than taking time to get it right.

Growth Hormone may be a better use for something like that. Maybe? I dont know a whole lot about GH though.

Doctor Jekyll, I totally agree with what you are saying, thats why I have waited over a year now. I have had EMG tests done to determine how the nerve is firing to the muscles. my Last one showed a full rejuvination on the nerve.

Its like a car accident you know, They clean up the cars off the road but the debri is still all over the ground. Well im left with the debri from the accident, the injury is gone.

I think it would probably help your muscles but not so sure about the tendons/ligaments/nerves. I just read not too long ago online (it’s online so it must be true…) that AAS impedes tendens/ligaments (I don’t remember anything about nerves) because the muscles get stronger but not the tendons/ligaments. Stronger muscles pull harder on tendons/ligaments which impede recovery. At least that’s what I understood/remember.

I’m no doctor but look into that matter if it applies to you.

Good luck.

Ive heard that too actually, on several occasions. If your tendons and ligaments are not used to that extra tension or stretching it could lead to muscle tears and different injuries similar to it.

Yea that makes sense. I have heard of that before as well, I had understood that doing negatives during exercise would also help grow the ligaments while on aas. This however very well could have been wrong. Just something I had heard. I will move forward with discretion on my plans.

I planned to stick to mid weights (60%-75%) and work up my lacking areas in my upper back from the lost time, and help my shoulders. It does make sense to me that the above stated, a tendon on a weaker muscle could possibly pull from the extra load during training. Also a friend of mine said “that would be a waste of your cycle” but I wouldnt mine not putting on a bit less and just fixing my weaker areas up. Does this make sense? Keeping the loads lighter so the tendons arent stressed to much.

What Clint said.