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Test Undecanoate Instead of Test Cyp


So instead of taking 4ml of say test cyp every week for 6 weeks I could take 20ml (300mg/ml) of Testosterone Undecanoate (6000mg) in one week and get similar results without having to any more injections for 6 weeks?

This sounds ideal after taking 8-16ml of gear per week the least ten years. I'd be happy to pump in 20-30ml over one week rather than do my injections every 3-7 days as usual.


You want to shoot 6 grams of test in one week?

Then not do another injection for 6 more weeks?

At any given point over the last 10 years youve been on 1.6 to 3.2 grams of test per week?

Yea this whole post is real ideal. Youre a full fledged guru


I take 1-1.5 grams of test per week. Which is not unheard of in my circle. I have for over ten years with NO health effects.
Why wouldnt I want to shoot it all as alluded to in the recent article?

I personally dont know any bodybuilders, pro wrestlers, taking in less than 1.5-2g of total gear per week.


Wouldn't it have to do with blood levels and half life of the test?

What's the problem with just injecting on a reg schedule?


I want a break, just finished a cutter, Tren and prope ED. 2ml per day. I'd like to let my sites heal up for an extended period of time. (while staying on my usual base of 1k of test per week.)
The half life, that's what I'm wondering, I suspect that with the half live it may not be most efficient to take this stuff "once every six weeks."


Its not. Every 10-12 days is appropriate, at the longest.

I mean you could inject 6grams of any ester and because of the sheer amount, your blood levels would be quite high for a long time. But the steady decrease will probably be noticeable and I dont think that's desirable.

With an 11 carbon chain the release wouldnt even be twice as slow as cyp. I dont think you'd enjoy the fluctuation in blood levels of injecting cyp once every three weeks, as an imprecise analogy.

But if you just want a gram per week of test, I think its pretty simple to take two 500mg injections of enanthate or cyp every week. With an 8 site rotation thats hitting each site once every 4 weeks.


Dont forget that even with an AI, the more injected at once, the more aromase activity.

Even if its a longer ester.

This is my theory as to why people notice less "water retention" with the "prop ester" really its just more stable levels and less milligrams injected at one time causing less aromase activity and therefor less estrogen fluctuations, and estrogen to begin with.


Great points guys, thanks for the input...