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Test Undecanoate Caps w/ PH Cycle

I have a quantity of restandol 40mg capsules. Completely legit. I can get 90 caps a month and have 180 already stocked up. I want to start a cycle of a Pro Hormone, probably superdrol

I have done quite a few cyles of real sust, primobolon and proviron, so I am used to the effects of AAS.

So I’ll put this out to the more experienced members, how could I incorporate the restandol into a cycle? Albeit PCT, During or before cycle?

Any suggestions regarding a better PH choice, in the context of using with the restandol would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Take the oil out of the capsules and inject them intramuscularly

[quote]idowhatican wrote:
Take the oil out of the capsules and inject them intramuscularly[/quote]

funny guy.

Not sure why no responses to this question?

I’m presuming no one really has any idea because this isn’t your standard “I’m 19 wanna get big wot should I use?” type question.

Unless I’m missing something obvious here??

Well, u would just take the pills, right? I dont understand why you would wastee your time with it; as it is a crappy product. But take like 3 or 4 of them a day, with either fish oils or olive oil (supposedly these oils help with the absorption) and stack it up with your PH. I don’t know what else to tell you, besides those pills are garbage and a waste of time and money… Does this help?

I understand they aren’t the best test product to take,(but I get them for free anyway!!) My question was really aimed at whether stacking them with a good PH would amplify the gains. Or they may help with sex drive during a cycle of a pro hormone? I just wanted some input from someone with an in depth knowledge. As they are also a non 17a oral they would not add to the pressure on the liver.

Interested to know where you fornd out about taking with fish oil caps to increase absorption?

Any input appreciated.

I’ve also used them after a diet phase, whilst on holiday.

They seem to really help me stay big and ripped, especially using with pro viron, and I actually grow, with very little body fat added. Maybe they are better at helping to retain gains?? So using after a dry PH?