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Test Types


Hi all,

I'd like to ask a question regarding testosterone types. My first cycle was Test E only (500 weekly, wk 1-10) and second one now, a year later, is Test E (frontload, 500 weekly, wk 1-12) + dbol (30mg, wk 1-4).

In future, I'd like to try a Test + Eq stack... maybe something like 500mg of Test and 400mg of Eq.

So far, I've been very satisfied with enanthate. Some bloat is present but no BP issuses and everything overall good. And to be honest, I like a little bloat because of strength gains :slightly_smiling:

What are the reasons for using other types of Test (cyp/prop)? Only less bloat? Or does the body react other way to other types? I'd like to stay with enanthate but the question is, if its for some reason better to try some other type in future.

Thank you.


there will be no noticeable difference between test E and C

test prop will 'kick in' faster, but it will require more frequent pinning in order to keep levels stable


i think some people feel enanthate and cyp as being different, due to sensitivities to the oil that they're suspended in... E is sesame oil, whereas Cyp is cottonseed oil (generally).


is there a reason these oils are generally used? I just use grapeseed