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Test Type Preference?



is there a prefernce to the type of testosterone used?

Test eth or Test Cyp? or are both equally aceptable?

i understand that test eth stays longer in the body as were test cyp is shorter acting

correct me if i'm wrong.

tomorow is apt with doc wish me luck!


I've only ever taken t-cyp, but most sources will tell you that the two are pretty much interchangeable. If there's a difference in how long they last it's minimal. I did a little comparison shopping at one point and it looked like generic t-cyp is a little cheaper than generic test-e here in the US, though neither will break the bank for most folks. Your doc will probably prescribe t-cyp, and I don't know of any reason to argue about it -- save your arguments for things like timing and frequency of injections, AI if needed, etc.


I did have one doc tell me that cyp was more prone to elevated blood pressure. I've used both and am currently on enanthate.