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Test, Trest, Tren, NPP Cycle

If it was just the beeping, I may have been able to drown it out. But this one also has a ladies voice that says “low battery”. So I had to change it because it kept me up. Then in order to reset the low battery message, it is REQUIRED that you test the system, which of course causes ALL of the smoke detectors to go off at the same time and get your adrenaline going and wake up everyone in the house.

Fuck, I’m getting angry just typing this out


They really are a bitch. I rented a basement while I’m college, and the land lord was a bit lazy. I had to listen to the vacant apartment’s alarm above mine for about a week. Drove me crazy.



One reasonable explanation why they always seem to alert to low battery at night.

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Makes sense! I do like to be cold when I sleep.

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Day 29 Update:

So I am learning that either a) I am a hard aromatizer, or b) MENT aromatizes HARD, which I believe is more of a function of the methylestradiol rather than a higher amount of aromatization. I have run dbol at 50 mg/day before but I didn’t notice this much aromatization. To be fair I also was not as “in-tune” with my body and gear usage when I last used dbol.

I started getting gyno again, so I threw in nolva at 20 mg/day, which seems to be greatly helping with water retention (and BP as a second order effect from water retention) and with the gyno. The lump has reduced in size but my nipples are still sensitive.

I have read that it is ok, but less effective to use anastrazole and nolvadex, and that I should probably switch to ralox from nolva and exemestane from anastrazole if I plan to run the AI and SERM combo for the duration of my cycle (I still have about 12 weeks left on cycle). However, in about 30 days I am swapping the NPP for tren ace, so I will drop from 3 aromatizing compounds down to 2. I am also aware that nand doesn’t aromatize much at all compared to test and MENT. So any input in this would be greatly appreciated.

Otherwise, I have good news to report. I signed up with a nutritionist to help me “get over the hump” body composition wise and I am now down to 242 (started at 247 three weeks ago). My goal is to hit 240, and then I would like to recomp from there. Currently, if I had to guesstimate my BF, I am around 15%. My baseline I am using is when a BodPod told me I was 16.7% back in March and I am quite a bit leaner and I weigh about 4-5 lbs less now than I did then, and I probably have 1-2 lbs more lean tissue now than I did then. I plan to hop back in the bodpod probably late August/early Sept to get another measurement.

I am also getting stronger and faster still while dropping weight, and my workouts are not suffering from any sort of lack of energy or lethargy. I could get into all of the details of the dietary changes, but this is the pharma forum, so I’ll leave it out unless anyone is curious.

I have also considered dropping the MENT from 10md/day to 5-6, but I’m really enjoying the compound aside from the aromatization, and would prefer to use that as a last resort.


Isn’t the former the brand name of the latter?

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Ugh, you’re right. Exemestane or aromasin is the other one I was thinking of.

I almost said exemestane, but I thought that was epistane. I just got confused

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I’ve heard that if you need more than a little bit, that aromasin is a bit better on the lipids than arimidex. Also, I guess if getting it UGL, it is preferred, as it is easier for a UGL to dose 25 mg of drug into a pill, compared to the 1 mg dose used in adex.

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Luckily the arimidex is from my TRT doc so I trust that it is correctly dosed. I don’t mind running the arimidex AND nolvadex together, but I also want to make sure that I am running this with minimal risk. Based on how hard this MENT is aromatizing, I was going to have to run min .25mg arimidex daily, and I wanted to avoid that so I chose to run the nolvadex @ 20mg/day instead. If I can run just the nolva and not run the adex at all I would do that. With the long-ish half life of nolva I’ll drop to EOD once the nipples are under control.

And as previously mentioned, I’ll cut the MENT dose if I HAVE to, but that is not preferred.

I would also run the Nolva before Adex if the nipple issue is all your running into. I think your plan of actions makes sense.

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If it’s me I actually cut the testosterone dose and keep the MENT. That’s usually the culprit. I would do that first before anything else. See if it helps. If not then you’ll know it’s because the MENT is too high.

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As far as I am concerned, you’re the resident expert on MENT, so I am asking this to learn.

Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought the ME2 (methylestradiol), for lack of better terms, hits harder with respect to E2 sides. But from what I am understanding now, it seems you’re saying that E2 is worse for E2 sides. Is this correct?

Also, along the same vein, if I cut my test dose, AND assuming ME2 isn’t as harsh, could I make up the cut in test with an increase in MENT?

For example, if I cut out 100mg/wk test, could I add 10 mg/wk MENT? or would this just make estro sides worse again? With respect to performance and strength gains, I have hit a sweet spot on a relatively low dose (overall mg is ~630 mg/wk between all 3 compounds)

I know there is a lot of hypotheticals and likely a lot of unknowns in my questions, but I am hoping to get any info I can.

What’s the highest you’ve ever ran test without needing an AI?

Your initial belief about methylestrodiol is likely correct, it does seem to cause more intense side effects. That being said, the vast majority of guys who have e2 issues with MENT are the ones who run it with testosterone, usually anything above a trt dose. I had more e2 sides (minor bloating, a little more emotional) in the brief time that I was on 70mg test and 5mg MENT then when I was just on MENT solo at 10mg. But I cannot stress this part enough: it is your body, you are a genetically unique individual, and I would not want to be making the ultimate decision for you here. Perhaps lower both the test and the MENT, get some relief, and then add the MENT back in after two weeks and see if the problems come up again. That’s probably the best approach, all things considered.


My first few cycles I never ran an AI at 500 mg/wk. In retrospect, that was a dumb move on my part because I needed the AI. I was also probably 20-25% BF when I ran my first couple of cycles, so it obviously didn’t help to have all that extra fat.

With that said, I now run AI on TRT doses. I have not run a test only cycle since October 2019 and that was before I knew what I was doing. I am also quite a lot leaner now than I was then, so my body shouldn’t be aromatizing as hard as it was 2 years ago


All very good points, and I completely respect your stance. I’m going to give it another few days, up to a week, and if I still feel like I can’t get it under control, I’ll cut the test in half.

I’m just making such excellent progress right now in all aspects of my training and I don’t have mood issues, or really any sides to speak of currently, EXCEPT BOOBS. So I am having a really hard time wrapping my mind around changing anything, but for the sake of health/wellness, I will if necessary

Also, unrelated to my cycle, but definitely related to training, I hit a HUGE speed PR last night on the yoke, which has always been my worst event.

I took 555 100’ in 21 seconds (with a turn and pick). The closest runs I have to that are 585 for 60’ in 16s (no turns) in April and last October I took 500 for 120 ft in 29s (with pick and turn). Both times I was running more gear than I am now.

My coach is a very athletic guy and he has been helping me increase my speed/athleticism.

O yea and I woke up at 240 today.