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Test/Tren/Winny Summer Cycle


Hey guys, I'm hitting a blast for the summer, what do you think? My goals are (in order)

Strength, Speed, Mass, Leanness, Endurance

1-16 Test E @ 700 mgs/week
1-7 Tren E @ 300 mgs/week

Then I can either run Winstrol 1-4 @ 60 mg ED, and again 12-16 @ 60 mg ED, OR, 1-3 @ 40 mg ED, 10-16 60 ED, I can't figure out beest way to stack it.

I'm running clen as soon as I stop the tren to get in shaep cardio wise. so weeks 7-10 clen, weeks 12-16 clen (w/ benadryl)

Whats the best way to incorporate the winstrol? I have 200 20 mg capsules.

Also, not nearly my first cycle...


Tren is probably going to KILL your endurance.


Do you do PCT after your cycle or just cruise with TRT level test? I ask because your cycle is long if you want to use PCT and revert to your own production. Plan to use an AI?


I will not be running an AI unless estrogen symptoms arise.

I have bromo and adex on hand, as well as nolva.

i also have clomid.

and i run hcg 500 iu's per week, 4 on 4 off, just in case i decide to come off.

however, the question i really want to try to figure out is what is the best way to incorporate the winstrol?



Well, you have all your ancillaries. That is good. Sorry I don't have much experience with winstrol. It seems that it would work well at the end of the cycle to finish off lean. Especially after winding down the tren after week 7. I think running it for more than 6 weeks would be a little hard on your liver and also on your joints.


I have yet to find a positive about stanazolol but my body fat is hardly single digits.

I would use it at the end of the cycle, no longer than 6 weeks but a minimum of 50mg/day.

Your own option with 60mg/d is the one of yours i'd go for.



Drop the probably and I totally agree.


Masteron is a better drug for cutting cycles, its just more expensive and less easy to obtain.

Besides test and dbol; winny is the easiest thing to get.

Ive noticed a little more fullness on it, but I usually run it at something more like 70-80mg/day.

Stacked with test I like it, its a good alternative to anavar for simple stacks with test.


Good to see you saps!! Hope all is well. Miss your job stories and gym strength feats...


I agree with the Mast - however spending money for a little more fullness when on test seems... redundant to me.

I find it drowns in the cycle - however i havent used it at those dosages you mentioned Westclock.

I may well give this anabolic one more chance to impress - 75mg is a must for me i think, and make sure my BF is in or near single digits.