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Test/Tren Weight Gain

Just started 500 test c and 400 of tren e a week. Just finished my first week and I have gained weight since starting. i know it takes time for the slow esters to work but just wondering if this is normal. My scale calcs bf% as well and it has gotten higher since starting. I am assuming it is just water weight but wanted to get some opinions on whether it is normal to hold water at first?

Are you running an AI?
Why did you choose tren e instead of ace?

Yes I am running .5 mg anastrozole eod. Honestly I want to pin as little as possible so it is convenient for me to do both twice a week

yeah thats the point. How much weight?

I am in a caloric deficit and trying to cut. This is a cutting cycle for myself. I am up s couple pounds since starting. I am strict with diet so I feel it is more water than anything else just looking for more insight since Im trying to trim more bf

Unless you’re like an NPC level bodybuilder you really dont need Tren for cutting.
Drop it and run through ‘heavy’ fatloss templates off this site…

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If you are using tren e, I hope you’ve tested the waters with tren ace before. The sides can be pretty heavy, which is why ace is suggested for first time tren users. That way if it’s too much, you stop and it’s out of your system faster.

This isnt my first time using tren e. I have done it before at 200mg a week before and was completely fine. I started this one at 400 mg a week but I think I’m going to lower it back to 200 a week. Im in my second week of it and woke up with a bad panic attack over night. I feel like it’s due to too much tren so I will lower mg and evaluate.

I’ve never experienced the dramatic “fat loss” phenomena that occurs with Tren Ace, as many others claim, despite being in a caloric deficit. It pretty much shot my strength through the roof and drained me of water, which was pretty awesome. Still, I would have liked to have seen fat loss without having do anything as others have said, hahaha.

Yea I believe it will eventually help cut fat but it seems to be making me hold a lot of water so I think my bf% is inaccurate right now do to that. Also want to mention I do have a history of anxiety and depression and take an anti-depressant daily to keep it in check. Because of this I am very careful with any cycles I run. As I mentioned I had a really bad panic attack in the middle of the night and had my heart racing and mind in a bad place. I’m going to cut the tren dosage in half to 200 a week and see how I feel. Has anyone else experienced this or can relate?